Sunday 26/05/24 23:17:07

The Weekly Puzzles on Discord are returning this winter, starting January 7th 2024!

Anyone can join, and all you need to submit an answer and secure your place on the leaderboard is a free account.

You may connect using your Discord account to get a solver announcement and access to a secret channel for the current week in our server. The only information shared with us is your username and profile picture.

There will be a total of 10 pre-approved puzzles by numerous contributors, and you will have a week to solve each one, with a countdown displayed below each week's active puzzle.

The puzzles may lead you to external sources, such as pastebin. If you are new to this kind of thing, make sure to check out the resources on this link.

In case of any technical issues on the website, contact owlbot on Discord.

If you've stumbled upon this site and aren't a part of our Discord server, you can join by pressing the "connect" button below.