Tuesday 06/06/23 10:45:07
power nap fever dream BY WEAVER

> powernapfeverdream.html <

WEEK 1 • vetted by owlbotCatzLenz



kad 9/7/22 18:28 never trust 29x29
umsyt 9/7/22 18:50 oh god that last step what anyway yum yum weeklies
vosmyj 9/7/22 19:06 literally the last step
Marco 9/7/22 20:00 as soon as i noticed that the total string length is a perfect square i knew exactly what this was
Ronald_D_D 9/7/22 20:23 That's a word???? Literally stuck on those final numbers for so long. Lol.
Rafa 9/7/22 20:33 s rrnq hf xXXXXXXXXYYYx tcefrep
Shiro 9/7/22 21:00 AHAHAHAH xD
zitman 10/7/22 0:40 Short but fun :)
DCesar 10/7/22 8:14 Amazing level :) I do use the dark theme
_ 10/7/22 10:04 ABCDEF?
EasterPot 10/7/22 11:37 how did i not notice that last step. really cool anyway
Xtrimi 10/7/22 11:39 pog
Picklemaniac 10/7/22 13:05 This one was fun! (Although in the end overthinking went all the way through the roof)
Kristoforos 10/7/22 13:06 Fuck these plants. With regards - Kristoforos.
snapp. 10/7/22 13:38 kinda felt like a complete idiot after being stuck on that final step....
chefgeoff 10/7/22 15:48 NERF GBAY!!!!!!!!
llandy 10/7/22 19:20 i HATE discord light theme
Iam_Modern 10/7/22 19:23 can't wait for the next 19
blu_ue 10/7/22 19:24 just too easy💪 no im kidding i hated that. that was really only week 1??!??!?!?
carbo25 11/7/22 0:24 I take a lot of power naps now that I’m retired.
Jumper 11/7/22 20:47 always great puzzles 2014 2114
ABadUsernameTheSecond 15/7/22 7:25 i love being stupid
Maka 20/7/22 11:33 do it in word
NwithAhook 23/7/22 16:16 can't sleep
Flan 23/7/22 18:41 fun to rush, but kinda odd at the end
Room 238 BY LENZ

> room238.html <

WEEK 2 • vetted by Catzowlbot



_alpha_ 17/7/22 2:09 Thank you Lenz for the birthday gift!
umsyt 17/7/22 2:33 In truth, i'd rate this a 7 in difficultly. No offense to everyone else, but I don't think anything could top this weekly. anyway, here's umsy!
Ronald_D_D 17/7/22 20:34 Amazing quality made high effort weekly. Got a couple of nitpicks though. The difficulty scale was a bit wack. I was super stuck on chapter 3 actually, classed as the easiest level. I could not figure out that one song rebus. It also took me a while to notice that chapter 3 was kind of part of chapter 4. Which was by far the hardest part of the weekly. Not unfairly hard, but frustratingly hard. Also I didn't really fancy the file sizes and how much downloading was required. I think my folder is a couple of gigs for this one weekly. I also didn't fancy stage 6. No sprint button and I got a little impatient with the maze. UPBGE didn't do much in the way of encryption unlike your actual website puzzle, so I got the data out of it easily. Without needing to go left right, backwards, etc in the maze. I commend the effort done for the maze wall hints though. Now for the praise: Amazing work. So many assets and art and voice work, quite immersive. Anyways, yeah this no short weekly. Well done.
Rafa 18/7/22 1:41 man this twisted walls and long hallways. just how much did i drink last night? https://pastebin.com/rSe82u4M
3nd3r5 18/7/22 17:51 Construction started in 1907. It was finished in 2022. The site is supposed to be located on an Indian burial ground, and I believe they actually had to repel a few Indian attacks as they were building it. Whew! Nicely challenging and well made! I hope everyone appreciates the high effort, you know I do! Looks like I'll have to start early making next year's weekly: ) Thanks Lenz!
kad 18/7/22 21:58 love/hate relationship. despite all this, very stunning weekly, absolutely love the aesthetic and so much dedication was put into this!! congrats lenzzzzzzzzzzz
snapp. 19/7/22 7:16 ive never seen a puzzle with this much effort put into it ....honestly? i enjoyed it, but can i check out of room 238 now
Maka 19/7/22 20:55 So it's gonna be forever Or it's gonna go down in flames You can tell me when it's over, hmm If the high was worth the pain Got a long list of ex-lovers They'll tell you I'm insane 'Cause you know I love the players And you love the game 'Cause we're young, and we're reckless (oh) We'll take this way too far It'll leave you breathless, hmm (oh) Or with a nasty scar Got a long list of ex-lovers They'll tell you I'm insane (insane) But I've got a blank space, baby And I'll write Chid motherfucking Chidson *** you are amazing talented creative best bebebe in the world, love u and suki
Picklemaniac 19/7/22 23:25 This weekly had some fun puzzles and a great production value! Although maybe you could have worked on the file sizes a little more, lol. My weekly folder suddenly looks like it contains multiple blu-ray movies. Also, the last step in the maze game was kind of wonky. We spent like an hour and a half walking the entire maze backwards... both ways... and multiple times. Because we thought we were messing things up. Pretty damn difficult, but I liked some of the ideas! Nice job.
dug_s 20/7/22 6:14 its scary how good it was
llandy 20/7/22 6:24 The Lining reference!
Matteoka 20/7/22 6:33 room 239 when
Iam_Modern 20/7/22 6:33 room 239 when
zitman 20/7/22 11:46 It was so difficult that I wanted to give up many times. But I felt lucky that I made it with lots of helps along the way. It was so satisfying in the end and every effort was worth it! What a masterpiece! Thank you Lenz for letting me see how artwork is married to the puzzle creation!
carbo25 21/7/22 18:07 C:\Archive\Season 3\Week 17\Expand Comments\carbo25
NyanKenny 22/7/22 0:57 First time i've ever seen such a wellmade puzzle, and it was too hard lol. Got stuck on chapter 2 for 2 days and chapter 4 for 3 days, but other than that it's awesome.
NwithAhook 22/7/22 6:35 end of part 4 was some bs, the rest was incredible, dear god i got tears in my eyes lmao
Shiro 22/7/22 16:20 https://pastebin.com/87fqrFyy
ABadUsernameTheSecond 23/7/22 4:29 this makes me want to die but in a good way incredible weekly i'd rate 10/10
weaver 23/7/22 13:09 this makes me want to die but in a good way incredible weekly i'd rate 10/10
vosmyj 23/7/22 14:27 maybe some decisions were inherently wrong no matter its necessity or the lack of one
Xtrimi 23/7/22 14:30 this makes me want to die but in a good way incredible weekly i'd rate 11/10
Thick 23/7/22 15:06 solved in 5 minutes but thought i'd let umsyt look like a solve god FOR ONCE. very good very tight very sick very ill very chill very cool beans very tubular 696969/10 luvya lonzle. <3 chid chidson aka thockle
GhostsTheElder 23/7/22 16:11 this makes me want to die weekly i'd rate
fabula recta BY UMSYT

> pretticolorz.umsyt.repl.co <

WEEK 3 • vetted by weaver




Optional continuation: Beyond the Spectrum

Catz 23/7/22 22:27 mama very uwu! 🌈
kad 24/7/22 1:15 overthinking 10000000 ALSO a very dazzling weekly to say the least, i think i'm subject to at least a month of eye candy
snapp. 25/7/22 4:50 the definition of how overthinking can mislead you (thanks for making me realize, modern) yet another weekly solved in school :')
detaggable 25/7/22 4:55 ok i still don't know how i solved green in under 10 minutes But i'm now colorblind yippe
Xtrimi 25/7/22 5:17 how to not overthink 101
Eggdog 25/7/22 5:48 orange fr just went 💀
Maka 25/7/22 14:11 Yoooo we solved before the roblox gang gg Umsy wow 🌈 very nice, next time pls name pics like "black" or idk something something couldn't see braille something
Thick 25/7/22 22:50 solve god bottom text
otub 26/7/22 0:39 nyan cat
NyanKenny 26/7/22 2:04 this one is just frustrating
Iam_Modern 26/7/22 20:06 awesome puzzle, stumped us quite a bit as well (one of my teammates literally despised this puzzle lol)
Picklemaniac 28/7/22 16:52 Good puzzle! Difficult at times, but fair
Kristoforos 28/7/22 17:31 I... found that weekly surprisingly fair and fun at the same time. Some levels were easier and some levels were harder, yet I never felt that rules were twisted enough in a bad way. Even if some levels were harder, I didn't feel like someone cock a snook at me. I appreciated organic nature of the puzzle. Steps were always connected to the fundamental binder, which in this case was the grid. Every part of the puzzle orbited around it, which played to it's overall fairness. Great puzzle! Congratulation!
Shiro 30/7/22 2:28 Very neat concept, always fair and enjoyable! But I really couldn't look at the grid anymore in that second to last step :iwanttodie:
Rafa 30/7/22 17:30 uuu uwu uuu
Lenz 30/7/22 18:00 solve brought to you by THE POWER OF FRRIENDSHIP (and Maka) Umsyt you are a lovely colorful bouncy ball <3
Find the duck! BY RONALD_D_D

> https://pastebin.com/Sius8m5q <

WEEK 4 • vetted by LenzCatz




If anyone is still stuck on step two: You need one space.

umsyt 30/7/22 19:09 I will find you. I will fill where ever you live with as much U+0020 as I can. Since you think it's so ubiquitous you didn't have to tell us. anyway, good weekler i like everything that wasn't *the step*
llandy 30/7/22 19:48 Silly symbols my beloved
Iam_Modern 30/7/22 19:48 whew, that was my fastest one yet, awesome puzzle ronald
otub 30/7/22 19:59 what a crazy little symbol
dug_s 30/7/22 20:07 here before snappys group
kad 30/7/22 20:19 my destiny of solving a RonaldD_D_D™ weekly has been fulfilled anyways aside from the horrendous step that was a pretty logical and swell puzzle
Kristoforos 30/7/22 23:47 I still do not understand what the heck does "U+₁₆" meant as a hint.
Picklemaniac 30/7/22 23:53 WHAT WAS THAT LAST STEP!?!?!? (Fun puzzle overall though)
NyanKenny 31/7/22 1:37 duk
Thick 31/7/22 5:07 most hotly anticipated solution doc of the summer
detaggable 31/7/22 5:48 my team overthinked the last part
Agropurofl 31/7/22 7:00 there was no duck
Maka 2/8/22 11:37 quack
vosmyj 4/8/22 18:13 it quacks it moves it looks like a duck - it's an electric duck
Shiro 5/8/22 4:04
weaver 5/8/22 13:42 copyright claimed.

> https://kukkelisweekly2022.tumblr.com/always <

WEEK 5 • vetted by Ronald_D_DLenz



umsyt 6/8/22 19:30 -8 .3 -1 -10 .15 / .4 .15 .2 -1 / -1 .15 .5 / .13 .6 -10 -5 anyway, FIRST BABY WOOHOO
Marco 6/8/22 19:50 shaharc's morse riddle threequel looking clean. in all seriousness tho, really fun ideas in this one, although the first puzzle took me more time than the remaining five simply from the amount of info needing to be gathered.
kad 6/8/22 20:32 and now, a puzzle confined in a single comment: ⠗⠃⠏⠅⠇⠒⠇⠅⠆⠗⠋⠇⠁⠖⠧⠅⠇⠖⠋⠗⠦⠅⠏⠗
carbo25 6/8/22 22:31 --.. ...- -.-. ..--
snapp. 7/8/22 2:54 ... .... ... ..... .... ..... .. ... .. .... ... .... .. .. . .. ..... . .... ..... ..... ... . ..... . ..... ... . ... .. .. .... . ..... .... .... -z gg
detaggable 7/8/22 4:13 01101000 01101111 01110000 01101111 01101110 01100110 01101001 01101110 01100100 01110100 01101000 01100101 01100010 01110010 01101001 01100011 01101011 01110011 mfw my group solves it before i wake up
NyanKenny 7/8/22 6:03 fun puzzle, easy to overthink sometimes but its still a pretty wellmade one! well except for the first step that step is tedious also wth is morselo
otub 7/8/22 6:16 more horse
serdelo 7/8/22 6:16 🐴 code when gg
Maka 7/8/22 10:43 marselo ✅ nino ✅ shac ✅ kino ✅ best ass puzzle coolest cookie cow man the only real smoodger out there oh also everyone has a puzl comment ok 😺 ... -.-. .--. -.-- .--. .. . .--. -...
DCesar 7/8/22 11:31 -- .- .-. -.-. . .-.. --- / --- .-.-.- ---
Xtrimi 7/8/22 11:56 .- --- -.- ... . ..-. .-- -.-- -.. -- -.-- ... .-.- .. -.- . left 1
birtrosz 7/8/22 13:03 ...-- -.... / - --- / ...-- .---- . -.-- .... -. -. ..--- .-. .-. .--- ..--- ...-- .. - --- .. .- -.... .- .---- --.- -..- .--. .-- ..... .-- ...-- ..... ..- --. --.- ..-. -.... .-- -. .-- ....- .---- -.-- -.... ..- .... ----.
Iam_Modern 7/8/22 13:33 what the heck is morse and what's the code for it? also great puzzle kukkelis
vosmyj 7/8/22 15:58 if i see morse again i will fucking ddos
Thick 7/8/22 16:39 fuckbus
Kristoforos 7/8/22 21:33 If my wife will breed me twins or something I will knows it's a "dash".
Picklemaniac 7/8/22 22:02 Good puzzle, but I wish step 1 had even more albums
Shiro 7/8/22 23:25 kuk brainwashing me into thinking in morse only for 5 levels just to destroy me in the last step
_ 9/8/22 9:46 orulwnycfujaqvrmbtgoaljwtaebycda
Ronald_D_D 9/8/22 15:35 nico nico kneecaps
Eggdog 9/8/22 16:55 i am going to name my children dash and dot just like edison did
weaver 10/8/22 20:08 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1G2ITOQfEhpKs6pZBAIJxTKUiQ08ZkmN6lptsAIHeTp4/present#slide=id.g35f391192_09
Borderline Adventures BY KAD

> /borderlineadventures/ <

WEEK 6 • vetted by CatzLenz



Ronald_D_D 13/8/22 19:25 I borderline saw nothing in those eyes. The Nyan Cat has already lost its soul.
umsyt 13/8/22 20:08 weekly like :) anyway, i can make banana rhyme with order border
Maka 14/8/22 14:20 so very cool kino puzzle fun and never unfair gg kad <3
snapp. 14/8/22 23:07 here before the world ends
Shiro 15/8/22 1:49 I loved it uwuwuwuwu
detaggable 15/8/22 7:14 genuinely confused because of 2
AlessaMason 15/8/22 18:36 rabbit holes? - when i tinyurl'ed the URL of the weekly (https://zedpuzzle.neocities.org/weeklies/borderlineadventures/puzzle.html) i got https://tinyurl.com/2basec8r so no wonder i was trying binary in the solution somehow - the color of 'nnhnla' (e3ab57) if added after tinyurl.com/e3ab57, redirects to weeklies.
Thick 15/8/22 19:34 Axolotl Dim Gray Blood Red
Picklemaniac 15/8/22 20:28 Extremely well-crafted puzzle, but: https://imgur.com/a/XXwSw1B
Kristoforos 15/8/22 20:35 Fair. Generally tough, and in one instance unbearable. But overall, fair.
NyanKenny 16/8/22 7:43 a pretty hard and confusing one
Iam_Modern 16/8/22 12:24 bruuuuuuuh I feel so dumb when I realized the borders of each picture was telling me what word they connected to but hey, that was a SUPER good puzzle, kad. I can't wait to see other works from you!
owlbot 19/8/22 23:20 https://imgur.com/a/oGEZdP2
weaver 19/8/22 23:21 loved it so much bro xx
vosmyj 20/8/22 17:49 Everything's well done except the later half of one of them... but that one I can see how it'd be really hard to make it look better so there's that
Burger King Weekly BY TYTE

> tv.htm <

WEEK 7 • vetted by owlbotweaverCatzLenz




If you want to play flash content in 2022, ruffle.rs is a good plugin.

You will need to have cookies enabled.

umsyt 20/8/22 22:16 kino gods weekly the cookies stuff was genius not a fan of the chicken anyway, fuck the kiosk
Maka 21/8/22 12:57 i will show this to everyone i know
Ronald_D_D 21/8/22 15:53 Nice but I didn't really like the .swf step. The plugin didn't want to cooperate and I wasn't keen on going back to something I already saw many years ago with my behind-the-rest-of-the-world internet connection of the time. Also Hungry Jacks had shapes as their mascots. A Circle, Square and Star, lol. TL;DR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbWgUO-Rqcw
carbo25 21/8/22 17:39 https://youtu.be/AiyJI5Kmcro
3nd3r5 21/8/22 19:17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5byXtceTS4 i'm stealing your tricks
Shiro 21/8/22 20:44 I printed out the Chicken Mask and put it on, then I listened to this on loop while solving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha1bYs1VKFM
kad 21/8/22 22:53 https://imgur.com/a/AFlpZPA 10/10 godtier weekly don't @ me
snapp. 22/8/22 5:07 I walked to burger king then I walked back home from burger king Don't know where it goes but I'm the only one and I walk alone I forgot my car keys, at my minimum wage job at McDonalds Just kidding I don't have a car, fooled you again I actually have a car I have a car I have a car (did you hear that I have a car I really have a car) I have a car, I have a I walked to burger king for their whopper McDonalds have no good burgers I forgot my car at my job I forgot my car (I really forgot my car at my job) (I can't believe i did that cuz now i can't drive to burger king to get myself a whopper) (worst thing I've ever done, honestly) jokes aside creative weekly this simulates the first time i've visited burger king
detaggable 22/8/22 5:08 holy shit i was so ufcking surprised when i refreshed the page genius weeekly 10/10 would do again
NyanKenny 22/8/22 5:19 then i walk back home from burger king quite frustrating at times due to almost little to no indication @@, still a very nice and pretty hard weekly!
Eggdog 22/8/22 7:19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_YwajWURu8 me likey :)
EasterPot 22/8/22 11:07 This is so GOOD like REALLY GOOD
jeremyswiff 23/8/22 0:18 Yeah Burger King is cool and all but, have you ever watched Wendy's old training videos? https://youtu.be/_ZXeFPpPJeI
vosmyj 24/8/22 12:05 wat
Drifter1240 24/8/22 13:34 the cookie stuff was very coolers it was actually pretty fun (except that one step)
Kristoforos 25/8/22 16:43 This riddle was Tyte/10
Picklemaniac 25/8/22 16:45 Amazing puzzle, chicken scarred me for life tho
chefgeoff 26/8/22 19:26 the burger king weekly was better than i possibly could have ever imagined. i am a changed man.
Lenz 4/9/22 0:16 burgerking weekly

> enigmatics.org/bridge/index.html <

WEEK 8 • vetted by weaverCatz




art by wev

kad 27/8/22 19:07 WHAT
vosmyj 27/8/22 19:39 for x in range(33): thisCount = 0 for y in range(33): r, g, b, a = starsPx[x,y] if r == 255: if g == 255: thisCount += 1 print(thisCount, end=" ")
umsyt 27/8/22 20:01 every step of this puzzle is extremely simple yet painfully untenable i don't have a good anyway thing
Shiro 27/8/22 20:12 Hoo~ Hoo~
wolfi 27/8/22 20:15 my brain goes whoot whoot. Hoo hoo *owl sounds* pls make it stop.
chefgeoff 27/8/22 20:18 __________ / ___ ___ \ / / @ \/ @ \ \ \ \___/\___/ /\ \____\/____/|| / /\\\\\// | |\\\\\\ \ \\\\\\ \______/\\\\ _||_||_ -- --
DCesar 27/8/22 20:52 legends say that amidst the art you can find the owl hooting
tyte 27/8/22 21:14 <html> <head><title>404 Not Found</title></head> <body> <center><h1>404 Not Found</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx/1.18.0</center> </body> </html> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page --> <!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page -->
Ronald_D_D 28/8/22 6:54 I skipped the bridge sorting part, indexed every colour on the image and noticed the yellow was off. Was miffed that this was the solution till I saw that taking the yellow pixel colours was hinted using the bridge. I skipped the bridge without knowing. It was like going down a deep rabbit hole just to find that the purpose of it all was simply to hint to use base64. Also if you saw the bridge in half and read the planks downwards left to right, using morse, you kind of get "namegate". The plank colours messed with me too. London bridge fell down on that day and the Celts' fears came true: The sky did fall on their heads.
AlessaMason 29/8/22 5:51 Ok. Didn't expect it to be this short, well-hinted and easy. Gotta say: I straight-up "guessed" the 'sorted' page, in an attempt to be funny with the URL after I'd made the bridge.
snapp. 29/8/22 10:31 where's the owl anyways simple weekly, definitely did not overthink the final part, everything was nicely hinted....well...most parts, i guess. i also now know how to use gimp also good art overall cool !!! weekly
NyanKenny 29/8/22 15:17 first weekly solved on phone! if you dont count the paper ig https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/992079078440050698/1013828307239841843/IMG_0536.jpg?width=501&height=667
Kristoforos 29/8/22 22:42 Intriguing but deliberately evil. Además, había demasiado sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí.
Picklemaniac 29/8/22 22:42 Además, había demasiado sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí.
carbo25 30/8/22 13:54 The last colorful bridge puzzle I did left me feeling much more satisfied 🂓
Alyx: The Prequel BY ISHAACK

> https://pastebin.com/qnWhPZ78 <

WEEK 9 • vetted by Ronald_D_DLenz




The solution contains numbers.

umsyt 3/9/22 18:36 tried to guess the first part had leet in it it didn't anyway, that's a wrap can't see what's in store for winter
llandy 3/9/22 19:04 very fun weekly :)
kad 3/9/22 19:13 oscilloscope part was dope
Shiro 3/9/22 19:30 "OW my ears just exploded" ~ me in vc while solving such a good weekly jdfnskhgjnsnh also easy which is good because I can speedrun it heh
Ronald_D_D 3/9/22 23:23 HL3 confirmed.
jeremyswiff 4/9/22 2:45 scope part was cool 3 attempts per hour was not cool, given that it took a few tries to know what was or was not part of the format for the solution. also the 1337 part of the laptop puzzle just wasn't used I guess? so confused there.
carbo25 4/9/22 2:59 RIP my ears https://imgur.com/a/WSqBqZu
snapp. 5/9/22 10:57 overthinking (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1006077587484856350/1016292399028383784/Screen_Shot_2022-09-05_at_5.23.03_PM.png)
Picklemaniac 8/9/22 21:41 Short and fun! The oscilloscope part was siiiiiiiiiick, but the solution didn't contain numbers?
bluswimp 10/9/22 6:43 oscilloscope part was crazy

> fragment.htm <

WEEK 10 • vetted by weaverCatzLenz



infiniteXforever 11/9/22 6:46 I don't play weeklies in general, but this one... It's so nice to see your new puzzles before you leave, and it is really fun as always!
umsyt 11/9/22 15:08 i have tetraphobia now anyway, NOW it's over. this is end of summer harder than 238 don't at me
MishuAnubis_ 11/9/22 15:11 thanks for the weekly RNS, you will be missed
kad 11/9/22 17:34 rns back at it again with kino music taste this is how you do a proper sendoff. thank you rnightshroud and i wish you luck on your future endeavors <3
Shiro 11/9/22 19:31 thanks a lot for creating this rns, it was a pleasure to solve <3 I guess this is the end of summer season huh?
Ronald_D_D 11/9/22 21:05 I'm writing this from the perspective that I have not tried your puzzles before. This was pretty much what I commented on in season 4 week 3 (minus the colours). I think this is around the 4th weekly this season to contain a grid. (Not like you'd have a way of knowing beforehand though lol.) Can't take it for granted either, this must have been hard to design. The difficulty was all over the place. level 4's grid-like puzzles should definitely have been the final level design-wise. Also, there is a common issue with Japanese names, trying to get the format is always annoying. This universally happens on every puzzle that asks for foreign names lol. I found myself pretty much rapid guessing a lot of different formats and files too. Like whatever words were in the source code/titles along with a file extension of whatever kind. Maybe you are consistent in later levels but when starting off, there is not much context. gonnacheckifsomeonecanseethis tho
Kukkelis 11/9/22 21:21 The Grid
Maka 11/9/22 23:46 harder than notpron end of the summer gg everyone winter thiccly season hype starts nowwwwwww
Thick 11/9/22 23:55 weekly H̵̡̩͉͈̰̖͉̎͒̿̀̉̈́̇͝Y̷̨̢̡͚̘̝̱͔͕̗̮̙̬͖̭͎̥̠̟̤̥̔̑̍̈́́̌̑͋̌̔̆͋̉̀̀͘̕͘̕͠ͅY̴̙͔̿̅͗͗̃́̃͌̏̚͝Y̶̡̨͇̗̣̞̯̝̘̬̗͖̗͇͇̤͖̪̖̼̜̳̙͙͕̮͖̣̱͖̣̗̼̹̺̜̼̦̙̊̽̄͘͜ͅͅY̷̢̯̮̟̖̤͑̍̂̎̿͐͂̉͛̏̐̔̈͑̒̂́̊̽̈́̈́̈́̏͐̾̏̃̋̋̅̇͛͛̚͠͝Ŷ̵̡̰̗̼̦͙̪̖̙̥͚͕̦͗̀̄̂̀̂̒̑͛͊͆̄̃̇̾́͑̽̈́͊̾̍̈́̑͛̂͂̚͘͘͘͜͜͝͝Y̴̡̧̡̢̛̰̙̯̱͓͍̖̮̼̮̳͉̠͈̬̭̼̦̳̰̟̠͙̳̥͖̹̮͎͍̩͔̭͙͙̟̐̅́͗́́͗́̓̈́̕͠Ỵ̸̨̢̡͉̭̹͇̳̟͍͈̣̹̹͚̺̳̙͚̜̜̓͛̓̃̉͊̇̌̔̃́̚͝Y̸̨̨͕̱̦̺͙͙̜̱̠̭͔͕̗̮̬̠͕̘̔͑̽̂̈́͆̀͂̀̅̆̄͋̃͂͌̂͗̔̓͋̉̎̚̕͜͝͝͝͝ͅY̶̨̢̨̼̳̞͔͖̺̝̰̰̱̖̼̗̹̪̝̦͋̒͛͋̋̄̈̆̒͋͂̋̔̏͊͛̀͋͂͛̀̕̚̕̚͝Ý̶̩̺̖̗̬͓̦̘̦̟̻͍̯̙͙͇̺͑̅̈́̓̀̇̏́́̐͌͒̎̑͋̇͊͛͆̽͂̔̀͑͒͗̚̚͠͝ͅY̴̨̯̺̘͍̥̮̰̻͖̗̋̾̏̀̽͗̀̅̿̈́͗̌͐͋̆̃̋̑͒̌͌̾͑̔̈̄͌̔̽̄́̿̃͊̍̓͒͌͘̕͝͝͝͝͠͠Y̷̡̨̡̢̡̝͎̤͓͕̺̰͓̠͓͖̙̞̬͖̱̟͎̮͇̘̫͖̜͖̯̻̜̮͚̹̟̦͕̪͔̬̠̑̈́́̔̍̑̇̏͌͋͌͛͗͐̒͌̎̕͘͘͜͜͠͝͠͝ͅY̴̞̗̦͔͔̺̺̔͒̿̓͐̐̑̎̈́̋̈́̽̍͗́̐͌͌̎̈́̈́͂͠Y̶̨͙͕̹̩͊̓͆͐̏́́̈́͠Y̷͕̟̰̩̍͐̿̋̀͌̃̉̎̆͋͋͊͘͠Y̷̛̛̛̠͇͙̤̪̙̘͕̏͊̈́͒̔̂̒̃̏͒̇̉̈́͗́̏̂͋̓̌̿̓̽̓́͐́́̊̚͘͘͘̚Y̴̨̯̳̦̲̘̺͇̰͒̃͋̿̋͂̌͂̈̋͝͝͠Y̴̧̡̢̡͖͓͚̯̠̯̱̗̭͈͚̘̗͇̞̗̪̭̹̺̘̣͔̬͍̟̺̮̦̼̜͍̹̳̓͂̆̉̈́̆̅̾̎͂͆̀͑͋͛͋̓̚͘̕ͅͅŸ̵̛̰̠͇̭̗͉̘̦͉́͊͌͐̂̈́͂̀͑̇́̉͊̀͐͌͆̕͘͝Y̶̛͈͖͇͚̼͇̺͎̲͖̱̦̏͒̾̈́͂͌͐̀̈̃͗̆̆͗̔̈́̾̀̊͌͘͘͘͝͝͠Y̶̨̧̢͇͕͍͎̞͓̭͔̪̠͔̖̭͓͚̝̭̟͓̦̟͙̣̯̥͙̗͓̐̃͂̎͊̐̏̽́̾͊̾̕͠ͅỶ̴̛̛̛̼̺̮͛͂͛̿̀̊̈́͂͐̌͊̂͋̈́͆̇͆͂̉̏̃̈́̾̒̓̈̈́̔̉̓̽̓͗̕̕̕͘̚͝͝͝͝ͅY̸̨̛̘̩̹̥̦͊̓́̓͋̎̿͋̋̒̀̋͌̍̒̒̊͋̔̈́͛̑̾̆̅̽͊̑̏̔̿̆͌̾́̿̊͘
AlessaMason 12/9/22 13:38 nope. underhinted af.
snapp. 16/9/22 11:07 24 hours before the weeklies end ah, thought i was clever on some parts but if anything they gave me puzzle ideas!
llandy 16/9/22 21:26 im gonna kill my teammates for this ong
Picklemaniac 17/9/22 12:05 https://imgur.com/a/AiqLlwf
Kristoforos 17/9/22 12:16 I have a tiny winter story to tell, about Nigerian prince having a sick daughter in within the hospital in the 4th room on the 4th floor. He came to see her, and under her hospital bed he discovered hatch leading downwards to the altar, filled with four litted candles, four voodoo dolls and four broken mirrors. Once he s4w this scenery, he w4s obsessed with number Four ever since.
chefgeoff 17/9/22 17:07 "A Tiny Winter Story" is the fourth studio album released by Nanjo Yoshino. It was released in three versions: a limited 2CD+Blu-ray+Photobook edition, a limited 2CD+DVD+Photobook edition, and a regular CD edition. The first CD didn't include any song that was used as an anime theme, it includes nine original songs and the songs "Subete wa Futashikana Sekai" and "Shiroi Kisetsu no Yakusoku" was released as the b-side of the singles EVOLUTiON: and Hikari no Hajimari respectively. Good way 2 close the season