Tuesday 06/06/23 09:07:09
beginning BY CATZ

> https://bit.ly/2Z26kvE <

WEEK 1 • vetted by weaver




welcome welcome everybody uwu ❤ • If your audio doesn't work, try using a different browser (or turning your volume up)!

weaver 22/6/20 0:00 first lol
ThaeVish 22/6/20 2:34 not enough morse
tyte 22/6/20 3:19 LULL XDx)))) :flushed:
Thick 22/6/20 3:42 v fair
Ronald_D_D 22/6/20 3:50 GREEN BOX!
Soph 22/6/20 7:37 Such a great riddle!
3nd3r5 22/6/20 8:45 Nice one Catz! Good start: )
Brownies 22/6/20 9:40 great puzzle⠀ ⠰⡿⠿⠛⠛⠻⠿⣷ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣀⣄⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣀⣀⣤⣄⣀⡀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⣿⣿⣷⠀⠀⠀⠀⠛⠛⣿⣿⣿⡛⠿⠷ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠘⠿⠿⠋⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⣿⣿⠇ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠉⠁ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⣷⣄⠀⢶⣶⣷⣶⣶⣤⣀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⣿⣿⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠙⠻⠗ ⠀⠀⠀⣰⣿⣿⣿⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣀⣠⣤⣴⣶⡄ ⠀⣠⣾⣿⣿⣿⣥⣶⣶⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠿⠿⠛⠃ ⢰⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡄ ⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡁ ⠈⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠁ ⠀⠀⠛⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⠟ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠉⠉⠉
Lucas_Dalfovo 22/6/20 11:58 uwu
Jumper 22/6/20 13:06 Very well done! :3
berocco 22/6/20 13:07 Never gonna let you down
vosmyj 23/6/20 4:21 bangladesh
Hugo 23/6/20 16:00 This puzzle somehow i solved faster than -41 (Because i'm current stuck at it :D)
AlessaMason 23/6/20 18:10 great one, Catz! thank you for the frustration and final satisfaction. i'd never think i could solve even one of the weeklies. \o/
apocalipse 23/6/20 21:59 considering that I cheated it all, that's difficulty 00.
Yoyo_Liu 25/6/20 19:41 Great puzzle, screw green though
millez 27/6/20 12:59 had 1 digit wrong for a while...
Yoon 28/6/20 22:07 Can't wait to procrastinate the next weekly :)
MoltenLavaCore 28/6/20 23:16 very fun, excellent job!
shaharc 29/6/20 7:50 Good job Catz :) Levels were very nicely done, marvelous use of technologies. Perfect start for the weeklies.
getting started BY WEAVER

> https://i.imgur.com/zX9JPHp.png <

WEEK 2 • vetted by weaver




weavercheck.tumblr.com/? • combine

Catz 29/6/20 1:09 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this puzzle brought me lots of satisfaction, all of it was perfectly fair and logical and aesthetically pleasing! Good job weavie on the amazing puzzle ^-^ <3
tyte 29/6/20 1:11 UWUWUWUU LUL X)
Matter 29/6/20 1:12 really good puzzle, i thoroughly enjoyed :)
Lgoooy 29/6/20 1:53 why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food? you wouldn't learn it in school, but it's actually (-5+-3i√19)/14.
ThaeVish 29/6/20 2:21 no braille :c
Brownies 29/6/20 2:44 𝔁𝓾𝓮🥶𝓱𝓾𝓪🧚‍♀️𝓹𝓲𝓪𝓸😻𝓹𝓲𝓪𝓸🗿𝓫𝓮𝓲👺𝓯𝓮𝓷𝓰🤩𝔁𝓲𝓪𝓸😼𝔁𝓲𝓪𝓸👣
Ronald_D_D 29/6/20 2:57 X_X
AlessaMason 29/6/20 3:07 tbh, I feared weaver's riddle a lil' bit too much. thank u for going easy on me! nice riddle, weaver!
Lucas_Dalfovo 29/6/20 3:19 This one was pretty fun! Really liked the alien stuff and even the boring stuff
shaharc 29/6/20 7:49 Nice set of levels :) Really liked the start picture will all its distractions, the next parts were a bit more challenging, but all logical and come well together.
vosmyj 29/6/20 16:17 legit been wondering if that keyboard was azerty or qwerty what was HRV though
berocco 29/6/20 18:40 Never gonna run around and desert you
Jumper 29/6/20 18:44 That keyboard looks nice :o
Abalone76 1/7/20 6:44 nicely done!! as i have no lightsw on my keyboard that part took longest! :-)
Soph 5/7/20 2:35 simple and really fun, petition for weaver to remake notpron
Terzian 5/7/20 6:58 Getting that number 2 was really tough for me! Struggled a bit to get the right letters in number 3, but that's all my fault... It's sooooo good to have that satisfaction of beating a level again, after a bit of time without riddles... See ya next week!
Jasper 5/7/20 17:20 a bit easy compared to last week
JackyJac 5/7/20 17:27 Cool guy above me
3nd3r5 28/9/20 10:08 test

> https://i.ibb.co/x6s7Shv/Sol.png <

WEEK 3 • vetted by Ronald_D_D





People who said the password without realising:


Ronald_D_D 6/7/20 0:03 Royal flush!
weaver 6/7/20 4:43 i need therapy
Catz 6/7/20 5:08 Really clever puzzle! Some parts really confused at first, but using the process of elimination and logic, all became clear! Well done!
AlessaMason 6/7/20 7:37 In my opinion, some more instructions would be good. And the answer itself could very well get lost in all the available options. (I just hope I didn't spoil anything)
3nd3r5 6/7/20 13:59 i fold
ThaeVish 6/7/20 15:11 really confusing + no morse
Soph 6/7/20 17:01 The first part of the riddle is a clever idea, but it could be more obvious that you arrived at the solution...
jeremyswiff 6/7/20 18:56 It's fun when you have a conversation on discord about the answer to the weekly without realizing it's the answer to the weekly.
tyte 7/7/20 21:28 LUL CANCERF LXD I LIKE CARD pp ap PP. ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ trying to break stuff dont mind me ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ
Brownies 10/7/20 0:52 Creative concept! Last step was a bit ambiguous and very easy to overlook given all the options. Shawty's👱🏻‍♀️ like🤤a🅰️melody🎶in⬆️my🙋‍♀️head🧠 That I😃can't😞 keep ✊out👉 Got me 😄singin'🎵like💕 Na ✊na✊na ✊na ✊everyday📆 It's like 💕my 🙏ipod 📱stuck💋 on replay🔁, replay🔄-ay-ay-ay
Jumper 12/7/20 9:06 Solving in the last day for the patience bonus point
berocco 12/7/20 15:39 Never gonna make you cry (but this one made me cry lol)
Picklemaniac 12/7/20 20:18 I have never played solitaire before doing this weekly. Pretty good one though, it looked way harder than that it was!
too many hints BY YOON

> https://pastebin.com/25L9wPvw <

WEEK 4 • vetted by weaver




just solve lol

weaver 13/7/20 0:07 person below me has a huge dick
Brownies 13/7/20 0:19 i have a dig bick
Ronald_D_D 13/7/20 0:21 I have used the reverse UNO card on the person above me.
ThaeVish 13/7/20 0:31 ez pz lemon squeezy (but no morse...)
tyte 13/7/20 0:38 ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ ̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺ͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩͩ
berocco 13/7/20 0:40 Never gonna say goodbye
Soph 13/7/20 1:00 Yoon - :death threats: l and I :) the person below me has a smol pp
owlbot 13/7/20 1:20 🤏
3nd3r5 13/7/20 1:20 i bet rasmus deletes his comment.
AlessaMason 13/7/20 1:28 Many different kinds of decoding and deciphering. Tbh, the calamari/octopus shit had me confused. Other than that, 10/10, would recommend!
jeremyswiff 13/7/20 1:38 MY first grade teacher said I suck at following instructions and reading. This puzzle proved she was right.
tun 13/7/20 1:59 ‏when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade! 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋
Thick 13/7/20 3:10 i don't really care about puzzles tbh but yoon is just sooo cute i had to solve this so maybe he will notice me :pray: :blessRNG:
Jumper 13/7/20 8:36 . --.. .--. --.. .-.. . -- --- -. ... --.- --.. -.--
vosmyj 18/7/20 18:32 fuck the last part <br> looked really like G
Jasper 19/7/20 11:48 ... .. -. -.--. -..- / .-.. . ..-. - / - .... . / -.-. .... .- -
JackyJac 19/7/20 13:28 I just hope sin(x) would rejoin the chat. Shoutout to nekroinverted for being a great help :D
This name is not required. BY FINGERIESS_FOE

> https://tinyurl.com/y5oko2s9 <

WEEK 5 • vetted by Ronald_D_D



Ronald_D_D 20/7/20 0:02 Nice view.
weaver 20/7/20 0:12 wr wr wr
Brownies 20/7/20 0:13 You 😀 Look 😀 So 😀 Good 😀 Under 😀 The 😀 Lights
Catz 20/7/20 0:15 Very clever!
3nd3r5 20/7/20 0:39 i'm 5 2 3 5
jeremyswiff 20/7/20 0:57 In an alternate universe "middle finger" or "fuck you" is the answer. Simple but fun. Thanks for making it!
AlessaMason 20/7/20 1:12 not difficult, but i mean, as like with everything, if it doesn't click from the beginning..
Soph 20/7/20 1:14 Naming fingers is hard...
tyte 20/7/20 10:04 rip person under me a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇a͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇͇
Jumper 20/7/20 18:31 RIP me
ThaeVish 21/7/20 9:57 never say to not use google smh
vosmyj 25/7/20 17:29 i am very mad that it wasn't factorization to letter, e.g. 1425 = 3*5*5*19 = seec = whatever word it'd be
carbo25 26/7/20 16:19 THE 4 and 5 being tilted "tripped" me up A LOT.
tun 26/7/20 17:40 >never say to not use google smh this so much
Yoyo_Liu 26/7/20 22:16 fun puzzle, great for old people!
Lgoooy 27/7/20 0:02 eat greg
Catz 27/7/20 0:07 Very nice! I especially loved the chess one ^-^
Brownies 27/7/20 0:20 A🌑 duck walked🚤👳🏽 up↪️ to📵 a🍉 lemonade stand And💘 he📮 said🏰👸🏼 to📰 the man,👏🏻 running🐖 the👋🏿💿💕 stand "Hey! (Bum🚵🏼 bum🎓 bum)💦 Got😁 any🕗🆖 grapes?" The👦🏻✔️👲🏼 man⏫ said "No😪 we📂 just🚥 sell🐣 lemonade. But👨‍👨‍👦‍👦📀 it's cold And👧🏾🔣 it's👌 fresh And🔳🌕🚿👆🏾 it's all home-made.🙆🏽🛀 Can🍍 I get🚥📅 you Glass?" The duck said, "I'll👣 pass". Then👃🏻 he waddled👵🏻 away. (Waddle🌂 waddle) 'Til😢👒 the💂🏻😐🙅🏿 very📍 next♊️ day. (Bum bum bum👳🏾😇 bum👮🏿🌜 ba-bada-dum)🕐👮🏽
Soph 27/7/20 0:26 Catz OwO
weaver 27/7/20 0:32 :slight_smile: :gun:
berocco 27/7/20 1:00 AND HURT YOOOOOOOOU
AlessaMason 27/7/20 1:05 Except for that C which was a head-scratcher, I'd say it was the easiest one so far. Thanks, pickemaniac!
alicia_pompom 27/7/20 1:27 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
tyte 27/7/20 1:44 uwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwwuwu
Yoyo_Liu 27/7/20 1:59 ohh it was chess? dammit I should have gotten that, I just left it out and guessed. I was thinking paper sizes ha
carbo25 27/7/20 2:22 Chess? I thought it was Excel
Rafa 27/7/20 6:38 Chess? I took the lines of the keyboard as A B and C and it draws and E. fun!! the R had me confused
Jumper 27/7/20 7:40 Cool design!
ThaeVish 27/7/20 10:32 would usually have to complain that there was neither morse nor braille, but ASL is pretty cool too
3nd3r5 29/7/20 10:51 The rot26 was a nice twist after the double atbash, tripped me up a bit
Ronald_D_D 17/8/20 0:36 I ran out of attempts frick.
Why did the chicken cross the road? BY RONALD_D_D

> https://pastebin.com/raw/VtbfcjaV <

WEEK 7 • vetted by Ronald_D_D





People who said the solution without realizing:



Respond to the question with the full sentence answer. Make sure that it is grammatically correct. Google required.

Capitalisations are:



(This is the format for one of the steps. This is not the format for the password.)

weaver 3/8/20 1:09 To get to the other side, with the other side meaning the common metaphor for the afterlife. The Chicken, sadly, was suicidal and crossed the road to get run over by a tractor.
3nd3r5 3/8/20 3:02 b8 e7 e2 74 ac 82 71 a8 c1 9e d9 6a 66 a6
tyte 3/8/20 3:20 hi
Brownies 3/8/20 4:45 literally not that hard, i'm just spastic Heres🙄A😁Little🌞Lesson🙈In👻Trickery😌This 💨🙄Is🕳️going😀down⬇️In🕳️History📜If💯You😀Wanna🌚Be🤔A😛Villain😈Number1️⃣You4️⃣Have🤑To🔥Chase🔥A👣Superhero🦸On⬇️The👣Run🏃Just😌Follow💨My💢Moves🏃And🚶Sneak🔁Around🕳️Be😬Careful🙊Not❌To😵Make👀A🤫Sound🧐
jeremyswiff 3/8/20 4:51 I have no idea why that library site exists, or what problems it solves, but it's impressive either way. Very cool riddle.
Soph 3/8/20 4:55 cool idea, but if someone's familiar with the tools it's kinda ez
AlessaMason 3/8/20 5:19 Harder than any before that, for sure. And super annoyed that after all that, the answer needed the phrase from the beginning, with punctuation and capitalization.
Jumper 3/8/20 8:27 aaa v31s3w4Hex aaa
RedRabbit 3/8/20 10:56 It's a really cool puzzle. Took me a while to even figure out how to work the library... I did find a rabbit in the end, so Ron and I are friends again. GG
ThaeVish 3/8/20 11:57 everything except the last step was very cool and amazing; no morse/braille though... smh
berocco 3/8/20 13:02 Why did the chicken cross the Mobius Strip?
Jasper 3/8/20 16:21 that image library creeps me out when I search for my selfies imagine it has image of your future self
isHaacK 4/8/20 4:26 uwu
carbo25 4/8/20 13:23 Needed more Flappy Bird
Picklemaniac 6/8/20 11:08 That ending had me so confused! I tried every cipher method under the sun lol, never expected that a single Google search would lead me to the answer. Really liked the Library of Babel stuff btw
tun 7/8/20 16:40 the full answer part was unnecessary imo but a cool riddle overall
Rafa 8/8/20 1:45 really liked it
JackyJac 9/8/20 13:55 @berocco To find out what the middle felt like
Lorde 9/8/20 15:16 @JackyJac thanks for introducing me to this puzzle and telling me the answer straight away.
3nd3r5 10/8/20 0:09 00110101 10100111 01001001 11010100 00111101 10001101 11000010 00110101
LiamTurner 10/8/20 0:10 solving this quickly made me feel clever, that is a win
AlessaMason 10/8/20 0:15 I was worried I was missing sth; just had to get the right derivative. Well done!
weaver 10/8/20 0:17 I am, therefore I do, Explore, I am the Weaver, I do, therefore become, A seer and believer
Soph 10/8/20 0:40 Rabid yet radiant Red Rabbit questions rudimental riddle cracking dogmas.
Yoyo_Liu 10/8/20 0:44 Fun one, quick satisfying solve
jeremyswiff 10/8/20 0:51 "I'm 100% sure the answer is Death Cab for Cutie" --- Me, a moron.
Brownies 10/8/20 1:14 My 👈 computer 🖥💻 just crashed 🤣🤣😭😭😢 exception not handled Ⓜ️m Ⓜ️ 👢boot 👢👢 selection 💩failed💩 because a🅰️ required device is inaccessible reference by pointer👆👆 faulty hardware corrupted page📃 page📄 not zero0️⃣ 🚸driver🚸 returned ↩️ 👫holding👫👫 cancel❌ lock🔒 event🎫 tracing fatal error🚨🚨 📹video📹 tdr error🚨🚨 📻video📻📻 tdr timeout detected agp internal 📻video📻 shadow fatal error⚠️⚠️ 📷video📷 dxgkrnl fatal error 🚨🚨 resource manager exception not handled wdf violation 📹video📹 memory management internal resource nmi third party🍺 file📁📁 system failure📉 app tagging initialization 💩failed💩 agp gart corruption agp invalid access♿️ agp illegally reprogrammed fsrtl extra create parameter violation fltmgr 📂📂🗃file📁📁 system
Jumper 10/8/20 8:29 The stratum corneum (Latin for 'horny layer') is the outermost layer of the epidermis. "For sure it has to use that?!" -me, dumb
tyte 10/8/20 11:57 funny one bro
berocco 10/8/20 16:32 that thing of cabdermist is really tricky
Rafa 10/8/20 23:50 clever
ThaeVish 11/8/20 9:12 cool, short, but no morse smh
Picklemaniac 11/8/20 16:19 You don't have any idea what kind of stuff I tried before coming to the answer. Sometimes I really do need someone to tell me to "think simpler"
vosmyj 16/8/20 19:06 i will beat the hell out of anyone who calls skin "dermis"
Ronald_D_D 17/8/20 0:35 I forgot to comment on this one lol.
Ronald_D_D 17/8/20 0:01 This was the hidden bonus level of Notpron. We all know it.
Catz 17/8/20 0:42 Very enjoyable!!! Haha I had plenty of fun going through this one ^-^
RedRabbit 17/8/20 3:03 So much information, so overwhelming, but a great concept. Very fun and frustrating which makes a good puzzle! GG
weaver 17/8/20 3:09 "レズビアンになったおめでとうタイト" - US Marines
AlessaMason 17/8/20 4:02 Difficulty level 2, only if I ignore the time I spent on useless ish. Otherwise, a 3,5. I haven't seen so many red herrings since a particular greek level and so many useless eggs since se7en. I liked how many formats and ciphers were implemented, tho! Frky, gimme some time to cool off. I'll like you again in two days.
jeremyswiff 17/8/20 5:15 ChefGeoff was frying up piles of red herring fillets while making this puzzle. Props for having a puzzle with multiple ways to solve, even if unintended!
Rafa 18/8/20 5:18 x___x
Jumper 18/8/20 5:22 The cake is a lie
Picklemaniac 18/8/20 21:36 Difficulty: 3 I really liked this one! There were some clever things, but so so so many distractions!
ThaeVish 20/8/20 13:33 not my style of puzzles at all, big dumb, also no braille smh
Soph 21/8/20 14:00 I didn't like it at all.
isHaacK 22/8/20 5:04 Too many non-sense red herrings, I almost lose my mind between dices and clocks, the concept is fun and there are some well done things but the amount of time i spent developing useless ideas for things that were not related to the riddle is insane.
tyte 22/8/20 7:17 k
Brownies 23/8/20 23:01 red herrings go brrrrrrr 🐠🐠🐠🐠
3nd3r5 28/9/20 10:01 test
nitwit BY YOON

> https://yoonthegoon.tumblr.com <

WEEK 10 • vetted by Catz




you may have to look some stuff up sorry for math ahead of time

Ronald_D_D 24/8/20 5:29 In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends. Last night, I experienced something new: an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core. In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau's famous motto, "Anyone can cook." But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant.
Soph 24/8/20 10:29 Dad or Daddy, in any form, Yoon, you're not holding a special place in my heart, Yoon, other than that of a cancer. Your smile is the ugliest, I take my words back. I wanted to solve a riddle, not a cryptocracy wannabe, but what did I expect from someone like you? This is hard for me, really, but I just can't leave it alone. With the exception of some ideas, the whole thing was a tragedy. Please don't attempt making any riddles ever again. I didn't want to comment at first, but now I'm ranting. I wanted you to live forever, now you're dead to me. I can't comprehend why you submitted it, especially if you admitted it's so trash yourself. Don't ever design a weekly again, I beg you.
3nd3r5 24/8/20 20:38 Don't listen to them Yoon! With the exception of the first part of Level4, this was great. also, HHMGwaZNv1BebOo6gi0yiy3Da7+zTj0WqCVcWiWiLGCka+NtLwckE6zYwFUuK0GAz2PFm8quhCWPNCw0nw50fA==
Rafa 27/8/20 2:09 when i was first looking at lvl1 gf said 'what the fuck is that, chilean coast???' so i open google maps an instantly saw the line
AlessaMason 29/8/20 0:28 Part 2 and 4 were made super difficult for no good reason. I've been contemplating entering the solution for too long. In no way do I condone this type of puzzle creation. Riddles can be interesting even when hard, but no reason to be difficult for difficulty's sake.
Picklemaniac 30/8/20 18:31 Hard, but week 2 and 3 were harder. I really liked level 2, but level 4 could use an extra hint.
tun 30/8/20 18:44 Levels 2 and 4 either need more hints or just some better ones. I wouldn't say that they're too technically challenging but probably just obscure without a bit more guidance. Level 2 is tricky because it depends on the way the program you're using displays the histogram of the image. Perhaps there could be a small confirmation or an additional hint at "/levels" or similar. Level 4 is tricky because it uses visual deception to disguise the omicron as a latin "o". Sure one could realize that neither 0xCE nor 0xBF are valid ASCII code points or just copy/paste the character and Google, but I think some sort of subtle Unicode or UTF-8 or Greece hint could have made the whole thing more enjoyable.
Yoyo_Liu 30/8/20 19:41 I've been solving last minute quite a few times now. That was a great weekly but I'm not optimistic about solving the rest
Vosmoj's Puzzle BY VOSMYJ
tyte 31/8/20 2:34 oki
weaver 31/8/20 3:04 not oki in the slightest
Soph 31/8/20 3:29 You have a unique talent of making hints ambiguous in the worst way possible.
Catz 31/8/20 4:06 Pretty good puzzle! I loved the clever usage of pangrams and enjoyed having the bible part work, but unfortunately I got pretty unlucky when it came to finding that final poem. I'll blame my browser ^-^
tun 31/8/20 7:26 This one was *really* enjoyable. By the way, the 2nd poem can be easily found under the See also section on the Wikipedia page for Iroha. :^)
3nd3r5 31/8/20 12:53 はへりれなちむい
jeremyswiff 31/8/20 14:30 I'm bad at google or using a thing I saw earlier but decided not to use. Also I'm concerned every time enders posts a comment that seems to be impossible to translate.....
AlessaMason 31/8/20 16:21 2/5 in difficulty, because the methods used were made clear as the day. however that last poem i feel needed a hint to be found. something like "another pangram poem?". it'd be too unfortunate not having found it.
Yoyo_Liu 31/8/20 16:24 Tough, but very interesting! Just goes to show that there are always new puzzle ideas.
Rafa 31/8/20 17:20 I really liked this one!
berocco 31/8/20 18:03 Note to self: remember to try the answer on the URL before inputing on the site like a moron
carbo25 31/8/20 18:08 Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto
Jumper 31/8/20 20:02 Very enjoyable! Learned a thing or two in Japanese also
Ronald_D_D 1/9/20 0:58 Dame da ne, dame yo dame na no yo. Anta ga suki de sukisugite. Dore dake tsuyoi osake demo. Yugamanai omoide ga baka mitai.
Picklemaniac 4/9/20 16:54 For some reason finding the book was the hardest part for me lol
What was this game again BY DEDE6GIU

> google drive <

WEEK 12 • vetted by tyte



tyte 7/9/20 0:02 oki hi!
Ronald_D_D 7/9/20 2:03 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obgnr9pc820
weaver 7/9/20 2:32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2esAob3tEiw
jeremyswiff 7/9/20 4:21 Hey hey hey......count letters every day.
AlessaMason 7/9/20 5:38 u bet ur bum i hate u! y was the last part so mysterious and unnecessarily difficult? that's a no-no from me. there could b clear instructions, as this shouldn't be the hardest part. the rest of it was interesting, tho.
Brownies 7/9/20 6:35 cried
3nd3r5 7/9/20 11:46 1,21 2,2,1,1,1,2 1,1,2,1,1,1,5 1,3,1,1,1,2 1,21 5 1 1 1 5 5 1,1 1,1 1,1 5 1,1 1,1 5 1,1 1,1 5 1,1 1,1 1,1 5 5 1,1,1 1,1,1 1,1,1 1,1
hello 7/9/20 14:26 A fun experience :)
Rafa 7/9/20 15:24 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Jumper 7/9/20 20:49 Last part really confusing, other than that 10/10 for the nonograms
berocco 8/9/20 13:57 that was a no no puzzle
Picklemaniac 10/9/20 23:03 I liked this one! I had more trouble with part 1 than with part 3. All easy in hindsight of course!
Soph 11/9/20 2:08 bad puzzle
MoltenLavaCore 13/9/20 22:51 could've used some more direction at the end, but you have reminded me how much I love pokemon picross so it's okay. <3

> https://i.imgur.com/KL1zF4F.png <

WEEK 13 • vetted by owlbot




If you are looking at a rebus TURN BACK! The initial link was updated.

weaver 14/9/20 0:19 gone but not forgotten 👁🗢👁
carbo25 14/9/20 0:23 thank dog I didn't need that rebus
tyte 14/9/20 0:26 not oki in the slightest
AlessaMason 14/9/20 0:40 that looked like an octagon, my dude! also, thank dog that rebus didn't make it to the finals.
jeremyswiff 14/9/20 0:42 RIP Liam. Also octagon with two missing sides is misleading. Also me dumb, so it's a me problem.
Soph 14/9/20 1:03 it's ok...
3nd3r5 14/9/20 1:51 https://imgur.com/a/XWyu2Un
flynn_the_hunk 14/9/20 5:44 meh
Jumper 14/9/20 8:55 polaroidnokicat cupscale
berocco 14/9/20 11:36 Wish I hadn't spoiled that on the first weeks
Picklemaniac 14/9/20 19:25 Easiest one so far!
Ronald_D_D 15/9/20 10:13 You had me at the first half ngl.
Rafa 15/9/20 22:37 too short maybe?
chefgeoff 16/9/20 18:45 11/10 riddle, I laughed, I cried, beautiful
MoltenLavaCore 18/9/20 21:09 Fun one. I shouldn't have been stuck on that last step as long as I was
ThaeVish 20/9/20 10:44 octagon
3nd3r5 Place BY 3ND3R5

> http://bit.do/npw14 <

WEEK 14 • vetted by tyte




nsfw eggs warning! • enable cookies btw

tyte 21/9/20 0:01 hi u
RedRabbit 21/9/20 6:52 Work of art. Wholesome. Fun. Satisfying.
Ronald_D_D 21/9/20 7:14 Fuck the bouncer.
Brownies 21/9/20 7:47 Hey 👋 king👸🏼 you have done ✅ it again ↩️ constantly raising ⬆️ the bar 🏋🏼‍♀️ for us all 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 and doing it flawlessly 👌😍 id say 🗣 I’m surprised 😱 but 🤚 I know 🧐 who you 👉 are I’ve seen 👀 it up ⬆️ close 🧏‍♀️ and personal👧 you 👉 make me so proud 😍 and I 🙋‍♀️ love 💓 you 👉
carbo25 21/9/20 15:31 👾🚥🚥 🚥 👾👾🚥👾 🚥👾👾👾 👾🚥👾 🚥🚥🚥
Rafa 21/9/20 19:34 loved it!!!!!!
MishuAnubis_ 22/9/20 15:47 that morse code killed me :(
berocco 22/9/20 19:40 Isn't t really just a big braille hidden from us?
Jumper 23/9/20 8:07 3nd3r5 should change his pfp to the goat that he is. Also, the most difficult part was actually focusing on solving lol
AlessaMason 23/9/20 20:38 First the complaints: to use that as the XOR key was cruel. I mean, there was a hint, but I don't like interconnecting two weeklies, as they pose and are stand-alone. The tetris method was not hinted well if at all. The praise: that was a state of the art riddle. The esthetics alone! And the nostalgia too! Well done, pigeon!
Soph 25/9/20 20:00 Not needlessly hard, and really fun. If only all the weeklies were like this! As previously said, the Tetris riddle seems to be a 'pull it out of thin air' kind of method unless I missed something...
chefgeoff 26/9/20 8:43 best weekly of LITERALLY ALL TIME!!!!!!! (I'm not joking, very good weekly, 10/10, defs try it) fuck the bouncer tho
Picklemaniac 26/9/20 23:32 Difficult, but in a really good way!!
ThaeVish 27/9/20 16:49 a golden cookie to you for making this very cool puzzle ;)
In An Orderly Fashion Please BY FINGERIESS_FOE
carbo25 28/9/20 4:53 Frustrating and misleading. Plus I’m pretty sure every rebus puzzle I face is shortening my life expectancy slowly but surely.
tyte 28/9/20 5:11 hihi
Ronald_D_D 28/9/20 9:53 I did it.
jeremyswiff 28/9/20 13:12 In hindsight, the riddle is pretty clever. The only frustrating thing (and I'm sure this wasnt intentional) is that the top and bottom portion lead you to two separate rabbit holes when you google them. I spent a good two hours looking at WoW and Destiny, as they both have more than a little in common with GCD, DFA, and the bottom text. Again, hopefully unintentional, but if it was intentional, you are some form of evil madman and I just want to know who hurt you.
AlessaMason 29/9/20 0:06 This is the first time I didn't want to rate difficulty. Reason being that it was crazy difficult to think about notes when both sets of letters pointed to WoW. It definitely needed a hint. Eg. the signs could be black and white and/or look like piano keys.
3nd3r5 29/9/20 10:32 [kjb] no math j/10/15 = p/44/15 = p/70/2
Jumper 29/9/20 19:46 At least discovered a Grand Comics Database with this weekly https://www.comics.org/series/7789/
Rafa 30/9/20 2:36 since the question i was trying to answer was 'but where was that?' it took a ton of attempts.
chefgeoff 30/9/20 15:44 Very clever indeed! I still don't know what 50% of the stuff says, oh well. I may have done h o u r s of math, but I'm not disappointed or upset really at the final outcome. GG!
Picklemaniac 2/10/20 9:29 I am still not sure if I did this correctly so this has been the confusing weekly so far. Still pretty fun though! I will however be checking the solution the second I can lol.
berocco 2/10/20 16:41 Well, that was an unexpected use of catechism classes
Soph 2/10/20 22:45 It's okay.
ThaeVish 4/10/20 11:21 finally over lmfao

> https://pastebin.com/5N3zkqVb <

WEEK 16 • vetted by tyte




The solution is Tom's secret Key

At one point, there is no way to progress until you've got a response, you'll know when you get there.

The story is a direct continuation on isHaacK Adventure from season 1.

tyte 5/10/20 0:07 Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers.
Soph 5/10/20 2:48 Very Nice 10/10. Isaac I love you, full homo.
weaver 5/10/20 3:18 going to have to escort my horse to the old town road
Catz 5/10/20 3:23 8)
Ronald_D_D 5/10/20 6:11 Tom's hobbies include: Being a bouncer.
shaharc 5/10/20 16:10 Stupid Tom lol Poor man, guess tomorrow he'll be unemployed
3nd3r5 5/10/20 16:25 My only beef was that the pastebin profile was accessible and led me down a deep, dark path that had me lost for hours, until someone pointed out that it was last years weekly files. Should have made a new account for this! Otherwise, good stuff: )
berocco 5/10/20 21:26 Sad I couldn't enter on that backdoor of FBI server...
Rafa 6/10/20 5:13 loved it!
ThaeVish 7/10/20 12:01 step 1 has the really big dumb, step 3 is ????? but it turns out it's supposed to be morse so I like it : )
AlessaMason 10/10/20 1:57 i have said before: i am upset when the methods are simple but there are tweaks making the riddle unnecessarily hard. the baconian should not require 3 characters to be deleted, the morse was weirdly implemented and the mail replies should've been automated.
Picklemaniac 11/10/20 0:44 The first part was pretty good, the second part was easy in hindsight (I overthought it a lot) and I was stuck at the third part for way too long lol. Should have been hinted more towards morse, but still pretty good! For me, this was the hardest weekly so far. Btw: I loved the creative writing part at the end.
Four Characters BY MATTER

> https://pastebin.com/eqfL6ZFd <

WEEK 17 • vetted by owlbot




links are all lowercase • easy has no end card

jeremyswiff 12/10/20 4:03 Overall good puzzle, though copy and paste methods would have been nice on at least a couple parts. 520 character unbroken binary strings was not easy on the fingers or eyes. It's also fun that the SCP wiki has all of the information about each number on it's dedicated page EXCEPT the one piece of info you need.
Ronald_D_D 12/10/20 6:49 I ran into a lot of documents from various companies that should have kept their documents and records uneditable, because a lot of them could be edited and vandalised. So I found this puzzle weird. Perhaps stick with harder to guess answers.
3nd3r5 12/10/20 11:08 葡萄柚
MishuAnubis_ 12/10/20 20:23 one of best weeklies! all logical steps
Rafa 14/10/20 16:14 good one overall! i spent way too much time reading the correct wikis for the scp's but they didnt have the info needed and you could skip the hard puzzle by just guessing
berocco 15/10/20 2:44 taranran ? pan pan pananana
Soph 16/10/20 11:38 Fun and easy :3 Nothing else matters...
AlessaMason 17/10/20 2:01 enjoyable. long but no bs in there, so that's definitely a win. expert seemed never-ending but i'd take that over bs any given day. nice!
Picklemaniac 17/10/20 16:51 Really good riddle! Logical and fun :) I especially liked the use of tiny.cc
hunt BY TYTE

> https://nightfallen.com/weekly18/hunt.html <

WEEK 18 • vetted by tyte




dont leave the /weekly18/ folder

never anything uppercase. spaces matter

RedRabbit 19/10/20 2:44 Extremely fun and satisfying! Good work! :D
Ronald_D_D 19/10/20 11:30 I feel bad for people who are fully colourblind.
3nd3r5 19/10/20 11:41 Surprisingly fun, wtg Tyte. 9yk5yyrm6wu5
MishuAnubis_ 19/10/20 13:57 very good puzzle, logical and fun
Picklemaniac 20/10/20 12:37 I liked the use of lake monsters. Was really satisfying when I finally found that out! Not that difficult, but high quality, logical, and fun!
Soph 21/10/20 0:28 OK
Jumper 22/10/20 21:12 Ok, nice weekly with nice music
tun 23/10/20 17:59 Nice puzzle, but the beginning part with the connection between Witcher and lake monsters is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. For someone who has never played or watched Witcher, the music and the 8th episode logo are just huge distractions. Lake monsters should have been hinted at in some other way perhaps.
AlessaMason 24/10/20 5:41 TOSS A COIN TO YOUR WITCHER! wicked use of that broken image and mp3. but all is forgiven bacause: toss a coin to the witcher!
chefgeoff 25/10/20 23:27 a great man once said . . . . . ok
Catz 26/10/20 1:37 The E F F O R T, loved this one so much hahaha, good job!
Ronald_D_D 26/10/20 4:14 I was stuck because I was under the assumption that nobody was gonna make another account access puzzle like the FTP one. Lesson learned, always expect everything.
shaharc 26/10/20 14:54 Really feel like a hacker on this one. Possibly brute force would have worked quicker for me :P
AlessaMason 26/10/20 22:07 nice idea, really interesting implementation of riddles, no holes, but the amazon nonsense is a no-no for me. wasn't aware of its existence and would never thought of taking a second look at it, had i not been hinted to do so.
Picklemaniac 29/10/20 20:58 Absolutely loved it! Really clever!
Kristoforos 29/10/20 21:00 The concept of the riddle was very enjoyable. Pure fun!
tun 30/10/20 17:39 Very enjoyable one!
chefgeoff 31/10/20 2:58 blub blub blub i liked this one <3
3nd3r5 31/10/20 11:42 Nicely made! And damn your room is clean, your mom should be proud.
berocco 31/10/20 21:59 hopeyourkeyboardhealssoon pressftopayrespects
Soph 1/11/20 18:47 cool room bruh
final s2 BY OWLBOT

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final_s2_BY_RASMUS.pdf | made by Soph

3nd3r5 2/11/20 2:15 With the exception of some of the broken stuff at the start, I really liked this one! Hopefully it's all fixed now: )
Ronald_D_D 2/11/20 2:26 I think Ariel went missing.
jeremyswiff 2/11/20 2:43 Not sure what difficulty to assign, but wow, that was weird, haha.
Picklemaniac 2/11/20 15:55 Can't believe this is the last weekly already! I enjoyed them all thoroughly. This one was a little easy after I figured out the moon thing though. Overall still pretty good.
Kristoforos 2/11/20 22:21 The perceptive were awarded.
Jumper 2/11/20 23:58 Really liked the idea! And loved the sudoku! Enjoyment 7/7
Soph 3/11/20 18:24 Fun and quick :3
AlessaMason 6/11/20 18:27 TBH, I solved nothing but the last level. I got the connection early on and speedran it. So, my difficulty rating may be ill-informed.
kad 17/7/21 23:03 "kad who"