Tuesday 05/03/24 03:43:39
Final Verdict BY NYANKENNY
llandy 7/1/23 20:35 Undesirable Outcome
Iam_Modern 7/1/23 20:44 MR BALDI BASICS! What are the new rules? (this is an inside joke) cool puzzle kenny
kad 7/1/23 20:50 t'was ok
umsyt 7/1/23 21:03 im gonna im gonna break my monitor. i swaer.
Maka 7/1/23 23:26 i cant wait for carbo to see this
Thick 7/1/23 23:29 here for carbo
zitman 7/1/23 23:52 overall ok.. but the morse and the stuff part... wth
EasterPot 8/1/23 2:19 kenny im behind you
detaggable 8/1/23 2:20 the Answer is the Thing that Caused my team to go insane
1st 8/1/23 2:31 shoutouts to hary
chriz 8/1/23 2:46 sneaky snitch
... 8/1/23 2:54 yay cool puzzle
harl124 8/1/23 4:50 man im dead
myyyyndrrrrr 8/1/23 8:23 If touhou and baldi basics and arcaea combine into a kennypuzzle weekly then i am going to make carbon acidic potassium chloradic acid mixed with acidic chlorine
Xtrimi 8/1/23 12:05 its uncanny how someone can make a puzzle this [word]
Shiro 8/1/23 14:36 first step was the hardest
Lenz 8/1/23 14:51 What's up, my gym-going friend! I just wanted to let you know that while I really appreciate the sweat and effort you put into making this puzzle, I have to say it was a bit of a workout to solve. No worries though, I'm sure with a little more time in the puzzle-making gym and a lot more reps, you'll be pumping out some seriously impressive brain teasers. Keep on lifting those mental weights, my friend! (also can't wait for carbo)
LollipopWut 8/1/23 15:42 truly is the riddle of all time
m1nu5 8/1/23 22:39 :ramsay:
carbo25 9/1/23 12:32 If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and this weekly, I would shoot this weekly twice.
Picklemaniac 10/1/23 17:39 After solving this, my YouTube recommendation turned into a stream of Baldi's Basics videos. Puzzles were fun though
Kristoforos 10/1/23 17:41 This puzzle had rules, somewhat logic and somewhat sense. And I still did not like it.
vosmyj 10/1/23 22:39 I may or may not write an essay on this.
tyte 11/1/23 15:00 i am never solving a riddle again
3nd3r5 11/1/23 15:14 F3-ST-1-3 F1-CH-4-7 F1-ST-1-4 F2-IT-3-8 F2-CH-1-5 F1-CH-1-3 F2-LO-2-9 F3-RE-1-10 F2-CH-1-6 F1-CH-6-7
ARatUsername 11/1/23 16:38 honestly quite mind-boggling
Agropurofl 12/1/23 1:09 thats not a "c"
.azn 12/1/23 2:43 yayyy i actually did a weekly
timothydoesstuff 13/1/23 8:05 that was something
bluswimp 13/1/23 14:50 exit true
GrumpyC 14/1/23 4:31 don't eat ass in the halls
Drifter1240 4/8/23 0:53 for some reason i can still comment even tho week ended so
umsyt 14/1/23 19:13 i am indeed a lover of shapes :)
kad 14/1/23 19:59 the dragon, dearly chatty, in question: https://i.imgur.com/0E9kh2F.png
Shiro 14/1/23 20:19 cute
LollipopWut 14/1/23 21:18 noice
Ronald_D_D 14/1/23 21:54 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqB1uoDTdKM
vosmyj 14/1/23 22:17 fade.fade.give
Supers 14/1/23 22:38 L is not real 2402
Thick 15/1/23 3:44 tones.shopper.tuck rates.grin.snores glossy.visit.oneself
GrumpyC 15/1/23 5:48 hexapentaquadtrilinecircle
harl124 15/1/23 10:38 its uncanny how it is. I HATE 6!
NyanKenny 15/1/23 13:39 pretty quick solve, enjoyable except for the what3words part which kinda threw me off haha
timothydoesstuff 15/1/23 13:43 cmon yall!! its clean rpg!!! not clear.png!!
Drifter1240 15/1/23 14:14 I hate shapes now >:(
zentrifying 15/1/23 14:35 Free
Maka 15/1/23 18:20 lmao my team solved this while i was sleeping
... 15/1/23 22:13 harder than the first weekly but good puzzle I like what3words
RenDraG 16/1/23 13:29 I love it when random stuff once connects!
m1nu5 17/1/23 21:37 week 12
.azn 18/1/23 0:19 i didnt even know what what3words was until now
Picklemaniac 19/1/23 22:24 These puzzles were really good. I liked all of them. The last part did throw me off though, I didn't figure that googling "What Three Words" was important
Kristoforos 19/1/23 22:25 It was truly great! Except for the final step.
Level Rhombus BY ZITMAN

> https://enigmapedia.xyz <

WEEK 3 • vetted by CatzLenz



umsyt 21/1/23 23:38 i expected nothing less. :)
kad 21/1/23 23:45 i'd like to share my емратну with all of the solvers below this comment
MishuAnubis_ 22/1/23 1:46 wasnt easy, but was clever, like all your metas Zitman
infiniteXforever 22/1/23 6:09 Well, IΙІ vs YΥУ...... The remaining are elegant as usual :)
Ronald_D_D 22/1/23 12:57 What if we used 0% of the brain? I forgor 💀.
Shiro 22/1/23 20:18 If Rhombus has million fans, then I'm one of them. If Rhombus has one fan, then I'm THAT ONE. If Rhombus has no fans, that means I'm dead.
LollipopWut 23/1/23 0:49 What a doozy o_o Despite my... difficulties, this was a fun ride!
NyanKenny 23/1/23 4:31 happy lunar new year!!! decently hard puzzle, but a nice start for a new year full of awesome puzzles <3
... 23/1/23 12:45 underhinted and slightly broken but otherwise a GREAT puzzle ngl
timothydoesstuff 24/1/23 2:02 zitmans puzzles never fail to disappoint the problem about his puzzles is, i always overthink (well thats a "me" prolem but whatever) all in all, sun leen fai lok !!
Supers 25/1/23 6:58 after a mental breakdown 😭 334900 attempts 😱 1.5 years 😇 (i fell into shocks for 30 minutes after beating it)
detaggable 25/1/23 11:03 i like parallelograms better now
harl124 25/1/23 13:39 my first hard weekly :bo:
Drifter1240 25/1/23 14:05 i hate you zipman but to be fair most weeklies are like this still >:(((((
GrumpyC 25/1/23 17:40 how find diamonds in minecraft
carbo25 25/1/23 18:10 Sorry, Maka. No second chance at a first impression.
zentrifying 26/1/23 19:52 mid ass shit just kidding im just garbage
myyyyndrrrrr 26/1/23 19:54 metapuzzle time makes me think about why metapuzzles do exist
m1nu5 26/1/23 19:56 ohhhhhhh myyyyyy looooord
Thick 27/1/23 6:58 some good ideas in here, but i have to question the solve path for the SHA-256 level. i've spent the last half-hour trying different google queries from the information available to us in the level, and i have yet to run across SHA-256. even its wikipedia article says SHA-256 is 64 rounds. until shown otherwise i'm of the mind that it's an IYKYK puzzle, and that's an unfortunate blemish on an otherwise fair weekly. having said that, i recognize the effort you put in.
Maka 27/1/23 9:17 i love ur puzls ur very creative i think wekl is missing some eggs and hints and for that i blame LINUS DESCZYK
Picklemaniac 28/1/23 14:18 The puzzles were honestly quite clever. I liked most of them (although tiredness made it hard to think at the end!) My Favourite was the keyboard one with the blocks :)
Kristoforos 28/1/23 15:07 Nothing hangs, everything is aligned.
Loz 28/1/23 18:03 My first weekly solve... finally made it thanks to Maka and Lenz. Nearly fell at the first fence though, GATEMAN is not a word I've seen used anywhere in the world before 🤬
vosmyj 28/1/23 19:00 honestly pretty good in terms of both difficulty and quality, but i have no empathy on the EMPATHY part
RenDraG 2/2/23 13:34 forgot to comment earlier but I can tell I enjoyed this one slightly more than kad's :) creative ideas for both but i aLSO agree with the IYKYK point :) You sure are empathetic to the solvers <3
new sky cleaning BY KAD

> https://perturbeddissectologist.neocities.org <

WEEK 4 • vetted by CatzRonald_D_D



umsyt 28/1/23 22:36 brutal
Shiro 28/1/23 22:48 I LOVE SCANNING CODES
Ronald_D_D 29/1/23 4:10 https://datagenetics.com/blog/november12013/index.html My boi so messed up when they got dat Imgur QR code lookin' like Kermit: https://i.imgur.com/OhK7zqE.png
zitman 29/1/23 4:34 We should add barcode-phobia or smth to the dictionary :)))
infiniteXforever 30/1/23 0:20 Here is the ZED barcode branch
NyanKenny 30/1/23 10:51 juicy womans 10/10
snapp. 30/1/23 11:24 THIS IS ACTULALY AMAZING????? VERY CREATIVE SCANNING/10 how it worked im not sure but its very VERY cool. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1060538391961288755/1069577620372590683/Screenshot_2023-01-30_at_11.19.33.png the aftermath of this weeklies back at it again with banger puzzles !! !!! love it
timothydoesstuff 31/1/23 5:16 examiscaphobia - the fear of scanning or examining something no this isnt a real word
GrumpyC 31/1/23 8:11 not a fan of barcode people
Thick 31/1/23 10:00 10/10 POV: you don't know what animal crossing is https://i.imgur.com/x5CCy4j.png
Maka 31/1/23 14:05 ++++++++++[>+>+++>+++++++>++++++++++<<<<-]>>>>++++.++++++++++++..----.+++.<------------.-----------..>+++.<-.>---------------.---.<+.++++++++++++++++++++++.>++++++++++++.<++++++++++++++++++.>---.+++++++.-------.
... 2/2/23 2:31 Everything went well.. until last step!!!!!!!! Nice ideas though....
RenDraG 2/2/23 16:30 why so much ambiguishness despite, i loved 2 & 4scl the most. creative use of zxing evendo i belef kad exected us to use the cybercok onyl butiamhappyisovlebigahtnksot..
vosmyj 2/2/23 19:05 tetragonokodikasphobia - the fear of QR codes, from Greek τετράγωνο (square) + κώδικας (code) + -phobia
m1nu5 3/2/23 22:01 holy fuck man
Drifter1240 3/2/23 22:23 I HATE SCANNING CODES
zentrifying 4/2/23 10:03 zzz
myyyyndrrrrr 4/2/23 12:37 why is it all anime girls???? WHY
Kristoforos 4/2/23 15:35 ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS REMOVE THE BITCH CJ!
Loz 4/2/23 16:34 OMG that last level nearly killed me! A bit too much ambiguity in the hints/instructions, and opportunity for errors to creep into vital steps for the unfamiliar... Thanks Shiro and Maka for getting me through
Picklemaniac 4/2/23 17:52 Mostly clever, sometimes hard. Fun, but also sometimes not. That warped QR code and that XOR part will haunt me in my dreams

> https://pastebin.com/LwywrPCb <

WEEK 5 • vetted by CatzRonald_D_D



Ronald_D_D 4/2/23 19:09 JESSE WE NEED TO SOLVE. JESSE! But Waltah White: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jQ44iAWvww Kid named finger: (This weekly.)
kad 4/2/23 20:11 cookie clicker achievement ID 246
umsyt 4/2/23 20:21 this is a weekly
Shiro 4/2/23 21:28 breaking bad step was so good (I was stuck for so long)
m1nu5 4/2/23 22:44 i feel bad
... 4/2/23 23:55 pipi caca pipi, pipi caca pipi. pipiiiiiiiiii
Drifter1240 5/2/23 0:53 Connection terminated. I'm sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name, But I'm afraid you've been misinformed. You are not here to receive a gift, nor have you been called here by the individual you assume, although, you have indeed been called.
GrumpyC 5/2/23 1:01 the weekly show
harl124 5/2/23 8:14 jesse we need to ball
snapp. 5/2/23 8:21 good morning
RenDraG 5/2/23 18:13 If only step 2 didn't take me 347min :D • jesse and i enjoyed this weekly i hope memoirs is a sequel 😇
Mike_Hawk 5/2/23 22:36 I am the one who knocks.
Picklemaniac 9/2/23 17:32 You have small fingers
Kristoforos 9/2/23 17:38 You create puzzles, I solve them. We are not the same.
LollipopWut 11/2/23 13:34 <insert comment screaming at step 2 here>
carbo25 29/6/23 14:28 cringefest
Darknights After Story BY SHIRO

> https://shiro.enigmatics.org/darknights/ <

WEEK 6 • vetted by Ronald_D_DLenz



Ronald_D_D 11/2/23 21:35 Mr. Nothing best character.
Catz 12/2/23 12:38 very uwu
Lenz 12/2/23 13:16 Yo bro, this puzzle is a total workout for the brain! It's like lifting weights for the mind, ya feel me? I love pushing myself to the limit and this puzzle is doing just that. Can't wait to see the gains I make in my problem solving skills. Let's crush it bros!
umsyt 12/2/23 13:51 i was going to write a big review of how i loved this and then final step happened
zitman 13/2/23 16:10 Now Énigmapédia lvl 2 is baby compared to this. ~~I should have regretted making lvl 2 too easy~~
infiniteXforever 13/2/23 16:38 The three puzzles are very amazing. Then the final step is exactly the opposite...sorry but that was garbage
MishuAnubis_ 13/2/23 19:45 last step was NO HINTED at all :(
kad 13/2/23 20:23 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/795926811551727637/1069426485787643904/wahbox.gif
NyanKenny 15/2/23 13:36 max risk cc10 legit harder than this
Matteoka 15/2/23 17:29 ye ye the finale was kinda hard but CHERNOBOG THO
snapp. 16/2/23 11:55 ??????????
94871487 16/2/23 12:16 Chernonsense!!!!
carbo25 17/2/23 2:15 "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." -Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight Kill the weeklies, they had a good run.
Picklemaniac 17/2/23 17:04 https://imgur.com/a/98LApKO
Kristoforos 17/2/23 17:04 https://imgur.com/a/98LApKO Good puzzle. Nothing more to add.
RenDraG 17/2/23 19:54 Akiramenaide yo nee Tama ni wa denwa shite Aitai yo ima sugu Haa tameiki ga hitotsu koboreru Tanoshinde, naite, mazu baddoendo ni natta /emojis/1070913144383361095.gif?size=4096&quality=lossless
... 18/2/23 6:09 certaintly one of the puzzles ever, the witness/taiji reference????
myyyyndrrrrr 18/2/23 6:44 BRO I WAS CLOSE TO FAILING THIS ONE i only had less than a day but arknight ok
m1nu5 18/2/23 6:45 bigger clutch than rhombus
Drifter1240 18/2/23 13:59 I'm pretty sure I can beat room 238 faster than I beat this
LollipopWut 18/2/23 15:33 "information overload" sums up my experience with this weekly quite well
Tom's Diner BY TYTE

> https://nightfallen.com/new_weekly_here <

WEEK 7 • vetted by owlbotweaverCatz



umsyt 18/2/23 20:41 take that noob
Ronald_D_D 19/2/23 12:51 I spent the entire time messing with the bouncer when the bouncer was messing with me by being the entire puzzle!
Drifter1240 19/2/23 14:55 ok ok cool weekly but wheres my food
carbo25 19/2/23 15:10 I walk to Tom's Diner, then I walk back home from Tom's Diner.
Shiro 23/2/23 11:49 I walk to Tom's Diner, then I walk back home from Tom's Diner.
NyanKenny 23/2/23 12:11 same thing above
kad 23/2/23 17:31 i have only walked in to tom's diner
m1nu5 23/2/23 18:26 brick-hill.com/moonlight/bonephone/ YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH
myyyyndrrrrr 23/2/23 18:59 I walk in the diner and i see this weekly trying to kill my brain
Maka 24/2/23 7:57 https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ci6fDoGrVmd/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
RenDraG 25/2/23 0:40 I walk in Tom's Diner then I walk back home from Tom's Diner....i love the catz sounds <3 make a sequel, spent 3h on first step :V i don't walk alone raise hands if you decoded the letters without spectrogram (not me), cuz I know someone may be crazy enough for that :)
... 25/2/23 3:13 tom's diner simultaneous equation level 1000 mafia boss :fearful:
LollipopWut 25/2/23 14:42 reject modernity, embrace toms diner
Picklemaniac 25/2/23 16:11 It was a fun and logical puzzle :)
Eswagmatics BY 3ND3R5

> https://donotbelieveherlies.com <

WEEK 8 • vetted by CatzRonald_D_D



Ronald_D_D 25/2/23 19:39 There is a bug in the website: It wont let me purchase any of the bouncer products. Please don't fix this. Seriously high effort weekly, especially the escape room game. Though also, y'know, very hard. Most of the time when vetting, I just wanted to stare at the sad Pepe Journal, hoping it could help me.
Rafa 27/2/23 8:11 la marraqueta va a estar mas crujiente mañana
Maka 28/2/23 12:04 i literally hav no idea how thick solvd befor dnbherl solvrs
Thick 28/2/23 12:04 maka solvd? maka from nino&maka?? HOW POSIBL????
carbo25 28/2/23 13:20 ¿Dónde está casa de Pepe?
umsyt 28/2/23 20:59 I thought "swag" was dead way before this I thought "swag" had been buried in the forest But then 3nd3r5 said "swag" in a store And I went and bought a big fat thesaurus https://i.redd.it/pi7sjc7d4ih91.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FWkuw-ZXkAIga97?format=jpg&name=large
zitman 28/2/23 21:28 Room238c when uwu Now seriously, the meta-in-meta-in-meta thing is so satisfying
NyanKenny 28/2/23 23:00 its hard
Shiro 1/3/23 6:38 slammed my desk at least once
Hary 1/3/23 12:58 Lovely
_alpha_ 1/3/23 13:38 weekly
snapp. 3/3/23 7:39 i feel dizzy
Supers 3/3/23 8:45 Had a lot of fun although it was Extremely difficult... at Least it is Possible to solve. I am really impressed by the quality of Many puzzles but we got Stuck also a lot. Ultimately the end result was satisfying but Couldn't solve many of the parts that needed Knowledge from other puzzles to solve? Easy is what this weekly isnt. Difficult its what is is... Its really Not easy 238
kad 3/3/23 14:12 Wuy.
Drifter1240 3/3/23 15:50 Love the effort but also GODDAYUM HOLY HELL THIS IS HARD!!!!!!! gonna need myself one of those briefs from the shop tho....
Kristoforos 3/3/23 17:10 This was your best weekly. The amount of effort combined with low amount of BS made this weekly satisfying to solve. I'm taking a bow. Although not gonna lie, you made some parts infuriatingly difficult (you awaken my long gone PTSD of playing 90's adventure point'n'click games and made the last part of "Notpron" stage confusing) but I knew there was a price for trying to solve your weekly in advance. Overall, hardcore to the mega.
Picklemaniac 3/3/23 17:57 Damn, that was a well-made puzzle. The execution was unbelievably great. Featuring a fully functional webshop, an extensive point-and-click puzzle game, and a mind-bending support maze. You put some great work in here, and I really appreciate it. This was a lot of fun to solve! (although the Notpron part was kind of frustrating) That being said, this might have been a bit too much for a single weekly. And you seriously need to work on your hints. Although the lack thereof is what truly makes it an "3nd3rs puzzle".
myyyyndrrrrr 4/3/23 13:30 Bro who are we buying these items to who??? to ourselves???
... 4/3/23 13:51 ez puzzle :)
m1nu5 4/3/23 17:11 you can’t just do that man
Lenz 5/3/23 9:57 I need 20 Swiff Shirts in my life ASAP. Man what a lovely weekly and you know how much I appreciate the Room. You've made something I've never seen in that scope before and the amount of effort and thought that went into it comes across as such. One thing I couldn't not mention is the solvers backpack being a generally good resource for people to have and supplying them all without downloading some dubious shit on the web is perfect. So when is Room 238c coming... I guess we gotta wait and see. I'll surely be cooking something up for next time.
1-18-3-1-14-21-13 BY VOSMYJ

> 1-18-3-1-14-21-13 <

WEEK 9 • vetted by CatzRonald_D_D



umsyt 4/3/23 22:04 22441 9790 6249 918 1041 12028 20117 19449 10066 8673 24395
Ronald_D_D 5/3/23 1:12 I̴̺͠ ̷̼͐m̸̳̅ű̴͉s̵̮̍ṫ̶̢ ̷̮̎g̴͚̐o̵͎͋,̷̈͜ ̸͈͠m̵̡͘y̴͓̆ ̶̼̎p̵͖̿l̷͈̒ạ̶͒n̶̼͘e̸͔͒t̸̪̏ ̷͜͝h̸̥̽ä̵̠́t̶̛̰e̴͙͝s̶̗̄ ̸̧̕m̶͔̿e̸̥̓.̴̜̋
kad 5/3/23 1:23 12589+22612+10420
zitman 5/3/23 23:02 It's super coincidence that I had a very similar idea of using those 5 words when creating my own puzzle lol
... 7/3/23 3:50 it was a very nice puzzle overall! the only thing (a very small one) is that 8th phrase for terra was not indicated that well
Shiro 8/3/23 19:27 i loved this weekly uwuwuwuwu
carbo25 9/3/23 16:09 rEEEvenge of the polyglot
NyanKenny 10/3/23 3:23 yeah
Thick 10/3/23 3:35 i love you vos smoochie smoochie
Maka 10/3/23 3:58 AMAZING IM PROUD OF U I LOVE U
Kukkelis 10/3/23 20:24 I must give a warm handshake to my good friend Vos for yet another successful weekly. This weekly had one of the most infamous development cycles, but you were still able to overcome these challenges and once again drop pure dead KINO. It's got it all: the memes, the headscratchers, the tunes, the metaphilosophies. Tell you what, the champagne's on me when the celebratory get together is being held in Taipei 101.
DutchDad 10/3/23 22:40 OMG, did I enjoy this weekly or what! Vos displays a broad portfolio of mesmerizing, challenging puzzles, all held together by a solid storyline. Miss this, and you'll regret it the rest of your like. PS: Vos, I will hold you to your promise to make a personal, tributary riddle for the first Dutch Dad to solve this.
Kristoforos 11/3/23 10:49 ITSA MI MARIO!
Picklemaniac 11/3/23 11:08 Good puzzle! Everything was very well hinted in my opinion, and all the levels made sense. Really liked Aqua as well, thought that whole idea was very clever. Last step did break me tho. 9/10
myyyyndrrrrr 11/3/23 18:58 biggest cliutch again
m1nu5 11/3/23 19:18 oldroot
Banana Makas: Operation Vos BY MAKA

> maka.battlewagon.pink <

WEEK 10 • vetted by CatzLenzRonald_D_D



Thick 12/3/23 4:47 verification test procedure 1629 420 complet: jerry swims' SOLV house
Ronald_D_D 12/3/23 12:42 Why do they call it get in the car when you get in the pea get out of green eat the pea.
umsyt 12/3/23 14:09 She's got a point. She's an icon, she is a legend, and she is the moment, talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before. kino of kino p.s. can't wait lenz :)
kad 13/3/23 17:42 beaucoup d'amour <3
Lenz 13/3/23 20:39 sometimes it's hard to put things into words... so I won't JHAHAÜUAWGDLAIWUDGÖA https://lenz.battlewagon.pink/daconbaddy.mp4
LollipopWut 14/3/23 9:26 actually phenomenal, good job Maka :thumbsup:
EasterPot 17/3/23 9:46 I've experienced THE BEST SOLVING EXPERIENCE ever. This is amazing!
NyanKenny 17/3/23 10:48 i will never forgive the bloxxas
myyyyndrrrrr 17/3/23 16:38 bro this was pain
m1nu5 17/3/23 18:40 :myfridaydance: sublevel 98 on top
... 18/3/23 7:35 good puzzle love to see ideas shone in a new light
Kukkelis 18/3/23 10:01 What an autumn that was. This weekly used online riddle as a medium like it has been never done before. I am sure I will appreciate this even more when looking back at it from the future, after the memories have began to fade. What an incredible snapshot of this period of our lives. This might be the best display on how online riddles can be something much more than just solving funny codes. I value memories and experiences over anything and evidently all of this will just be a hazy feeling from the most exciting parts. The puzzle quality was solid overall, however one spot in particular achieved theatrical levels of KINO that I had never experienced before.
Shiro 18/3/23 13:54 this was the cutest most wholesome most entertaining most actionpacked most bestest weekly ever
Picklemaniac 18/3/23 15:22 This was a very fun and extremely well-made puzzle. The difficulty was honestly not too bad (although some parts could have been hinted at a bit more strongly). I really liked the format here as well, a hint, an image, and that's enough. Overall, I am very glad that I participated in this relatively unknown puzzle event. People truly don't know what they are missing. I Hope to see more greatness next season. P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave us hints along the way. We cut it really close this week, and couldn't have done it without all of you :) P.P.S. I have had that music on the entire time, and it might be stuck in my head forever. It has and continues to allow me to try learn focus.
Kristoforos 18/3/23 15:39 69 420 69 420 = two penises smoking joints
StalledStorm775 18/3/23 16:16 i love it
1st 18/3/23 18:07 im going to
DCesar 18/3/23 18:48 tysm maka for this amazing wekl with really well made puzls :D Loved the jokes but pls not that bacooon!!! PS: banana makas will rise...
carbo25 19/3/23 14:56 "From here on in, you can consider my ass retired." -Jules Winnfield Sayonara, weeklies, for good. I wish it could say it's been a pleasure, but it hasn't.