Monday 27/05/24 01:38:55
Polybius Perplexion BY DISSOLVEDHELIUM
umsyt 7/1/24 22:30 let the games begin
GrumpyC 8/1/24 6:09 every vince puzzle makes me cry
Shiro 8/1/24 9:41 goated puzzle
MishuAnubis_ 8/1/24 18:19 longest weekly ever!
LollipopWut 8/1/24 18:23 this was an experience also you lost the game
myyyyndrrrrr 8/1/24 21:28 it is just the first weekly and it is already hard
zentrifying 8/1/24 21:40 we stay winning 💯 🙏 did a good amount despite me just tuning in and seein the levels for 15 minutes, could defo go faster myndr, me, kal, amesome, drifter, gigachad, Zaid, minus, robloxer (large fucking team that im ashamed of but we up)
m1nu5 8/1/24 22:10 nice work on this weekly bestie 🫂 love u no homo <3
Zephran 8/1/24 22:58 I HOLD MYSELF IN CONTEMPT
Kal 9/1/24 0:26 have her age com int
.azn 9/1/24 2:00 :3 i luv this puzl
Drifter1240 9/1/24 4:26 Amazingly designed weekly. Some puzzles were stupidly difficult and straight up frustrating, but in the end it was...somewhat worth it. Vince puzzles can be bangers. (teach me how to image edit pls) okay it's 10 pm now good night.
qwerg 9/1/24 8:07 this weekly informed me. 10/10
molliinthe80s 9/1/24 12:16 FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loz 9/1/24 12:18 That was exhausting, even as part of a team. No way I could have done that by myself in a week. Well done to the author and everyone who solved
Ronald_D_D 9/1/24 13:17 Polybius was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. It wasn't Prometheus. 25 levels + meta to do casually in 1 week like dayum son.
silviolin 9/1/24 14:34 WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
kad 9/1/24 16:18 warmup
Catz 10/1/24 19:13 super creative and very well thought-out! good job!
lobster_roll24 10/1/24 22:05 lobster roll my beloved
bubydareal 11/1/24 4:59 Thanks for azenos gd and my awesome cousin for help Geat weekly make more methinks
amesomegaming50 11/1/24 6:35 Anime = Life
Dannythecat 12/1/24 12:26 you only got the one shot, so let it ride and let it live, they're living, breathing, not a slave to a broken machine.
Jumper 12/1/24 13:57 Awesome weekly! Great work and thematic!
ScopingLandscape 13/1/24 14:32 Good good fun to start the season. Not gonna lie, was expecting the answer grid to be used like a Polybius grid, since it has all the same letters. Otherwise, great fun.
Picklemaniac 13/1/24 14:45 The production value of this one was 10/10. Really well-made and fairly difficult. Enjoyed it from beginning to end :) Though, personally, I do feel like this is too long for a weekly and would have been better as a standalone puzzle. Especially given that most of these, while not the most difficult, were far from easy. Anyway, really liked these. Hope to see more puzzles from you!
zitman 13/1/24 15:48 Winter is coming and game is on :)
1st 13/1/24 22:16 cool
SquishmallowsUnited 14/1/24 2:25 My Second Weekly complete! Thank you vince for this amazing masterpiece, and I hope to solve more of your puzzles in the future!
timothydoesstuff 14/1/24 3:05 i still have like, what, 9 lives left for the rest of the season 5 winter weeklies?
z4aqua 14/1/24 18:42 nice puzzle
Tailleferre 14/1/24 22:39 Thank you for this puzzle. It was fun and fair at all times.
frac/ture BY .AZN
umsyt 14/1/24 19:25 she frac on my ture till i /
Drifter1240 14/1/24 19:42 i/o but shorter and easier thank god its short tho... actually fun!
Kal 14/1/24 19:59 sub 1 hourrrrrrrrr
myyyyndrrrrr 14/1/24 20:02 very short weekly but enjoyable
amesomegaming50 14/1/24 20:08 Solo Leveling is goated
m1nu5 14/1/24 20:09 nice
zentrifying 14/1/24 20:13 first weekly i "soloed" on this season, nice to know considering the feeling of turning into the carrier from the carry (my teammates did NOTHING) teammate: aqua (did 0% of the solving) yeah overall this weekly was kinda bad but it is what is is lmao
Tailleferre 14/1/24 21:11 Thanks!
Supers 14/1/24 21:28 if i had a gun and 3 bullets, with nyankenny, zen, this weekly and hitler inside a room, id shoot nyankenny, zen and hitler and leave this weekly starve to death
1st 14/1/24 22:08 :(
Ronald_D_D 15/1/24 4:07 South Park: The Frac/tured but Whole
Zephran 15/1/24 7:16 i exist i exist i exist i exist i exist i exist i exist
qwerg 15/1/24 12:31 sorry i couldnt solve this
silviolin 15/1/24 12:42 The name feels like it could be in a Frums song ngl... Anyway, decent execution, had fun solving this lol :joy:
LollipopWut 15/1/24 13:01 short and sweet
DissolvedHelium 16/1/24 15:57 thoughts on weekly: good puzzles, but the indication is questionable in parts however the puzzles are pretty fire if you ignore the indication overall my feelings on the weekly are relatively mixed but it's still a good weekly to enjoy
Dannythecat 16/1/24 16:59 fun, but... yeah i think everyone had addressed all the issues i have with this one also it's weird how this is the only comment where i didn't put a piece of lyrics as a comment
lobster_roll24 17/1/24 18:01 ez riddle... beat it in 5 min but i didn't want you guys to feel bad so i took a few days to actually complete it.
Mike_Hawk 18/1/24 21:03 the puzzles are good and solving was an enjoyable experience, the only problem to me was the weekly being insanely short, i wish there were more puzzles
bubydareal 20/1/24 5:55 WOrst ending ever make less weeklies methuinks. (slash joeiking.) (maybe i will make one someday.(
timothydoesstuff 21/1/24 4:27 i have never heard of the phrase “its always morse!” ever in my riddling lifetime
umsyt 21/1/24 20:26 10/10 i can't make funny terraria comment
1st 21/1/24 23:12 Shoutouts to krizis
m1nu5 21/1/24 23:41 first part of 10 kinda bs ngl
Drifter1240 21/1/24 23:43 this weekly has convinced me to never play terraria ever
ZaidX2_ 21/1/24 23:44 GG
amesomegaming50 21/1/24 23:47 Human strength lies in the ability to change yourself.
LollipopWut 21/1/24 23:55 fun
Kal 22/1/24 0:15 fear
infiniteXforever 22/1/24 0:38 Enjoyable as always, also thanks for the reference :)
+ZStormere+ 22/1/24 1:24 this weekly > calamity mod
dug_s 22/1/24 2:00 vt_s on top
myyyyndrrrrr 22/1/24 7:48 PANTS????
Zephran 22/1/24 8:58 just a rhyme without a reason
Ronald_D_D 22/1/24 15:53
z4aqua 22/1/24 19:46 Great weekly
zentrifying 22/1/24 19:48 harder weekly but still easy lol, teamed with aqua, shaftez, and logical for this, me and aqua went on demontime lmfao. overall quite nice, :D ZENITH ONTOP
auralatlas 22/1/24 22:33 honestly i still used the wiki more when i played terraria than when i was solving this puzzle
zitman 23/1/24 14:51 If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and this weekly, I would shoot 10 twice. The three puzzles in 4 are very amazing. Then 10 is exactly the opposite...sorry but that was garbage
Dannythecat 23/1/24 14:57 solving a terraria-themed weekly in terraria, what more can i ask for?
.azn 24/1/24 0:23 dissovl carry tbh
DissolvedHelium 24/1/24 1:12 thoughts on weekly: despite the whole entire weekly being centered around something that i have very little experience on, this was still such a fun experience the weekly is just like its name, "in-game recap" this weekly is retelling a story, rns' experiences from start to finish, and it's absolutely fricking awesome this is nothing short of a beautiful experience, and it's wonderful
qwerg 24/1/24 7:45 hi
silviolin 24/1/24 14:26 If Weeklies was a menu, the first two weeklies were the antipasto and this week is the main course. And it's pasta al diavolo. Not the mild one, the one that hits your tongue quite high. Anyway, I'm waiting for the next meal to eat. *^*🍴
Shiro 26/1/24 9:47 Enjoyed it a lot, thanks for the weekly!! (also vetters did a bad job I found 2 things that would've needed fixing smh rafa and catz)
lobster_roll24 27/1/24 13:56 Ez weekly again. Like, I was unfazed while beating it. We need something harder than this lil bro. I beat this in 6 min and 12 seconds. Like, do better dude. Lobster roll is so OP. Have some lobster roll for thy mind's power. lobster roll my beloved
timothydoesstuff 28/1/24 11:02 terra incognita
Loz 28/1/24 18:14 Too niche for me
1st 28/1/24 20:09 DAMN!!! nice puzzle shoutouts to catz
umsyt 28/1/24 20:30 colores
LollipopWut 28/1/24 20:59 very fun, good job mishu :clap:
m1nu5 28/1/24 21:06 Pride
ZaidX2_ 28/1/24 21:06 gg
Kal 28/1/24 21:07 that was very
Drifter1240 28/1/24 21:07 mishu great puzzle maker
myyyyndrrrrr 28/1/24 21:08 yay mishu weekly
amesomegaming50 28/1/24 22:33 Johncena420hypebeast
Ronald_D_D 29/1/24 15:01 Now this is a weekly.
Shiro 29/1/24 16:34 I prefer clicking circles, but this is fine too
Zephran 29/1/24 16:40 i wanna go back to the good life
kad 29/1/24 18:34 mishu goat
Picklemaniac 30/1/24 9:18 For me, this was the perfect difficulty. Loved it :)
silviolin 30/1/24 20:27 🔲!
Loz 31/1/24 20:04 Nice.
qwerg 1/2/24 5:27 rectangle
zentrifying 1/2/24 14:40 zen
Dannythecat 1/2/24 15:16 sigh
+rnightshroud 4/2/24 10:38 Near-flawless weekly!
timothydoesstuff 4/2/24 13:07 talk about the FOURTH weekly being related to a FOUR sided shape
DiasFer 4/2/24 18:36 first weekly yippee
enigmatOS BY KAD
Ronald_D_D 5/2/24 20:03 I took this as a CTF challenge weekly instead:
Marco 7/2/24 2:22 weekly so good it made me leave a comment
umsyt 7/2/24 6:47 FINALLY!!! I CAN KILL MY computer.
infiniteXforever 8/2/24 3:31 Holy shit this is so challenging and elegant! kad's puzzles never stop surprising me :surprised_pikachu:
LollipopWut 8/2/24 19:33 This... was a tough cookie to crack. Although a bit more indication on certain parts would be nice, it was a fantastic experience solving it! Cannot wait to see what else you have in store...
MishuAnubis_ 8/2/24 20:20 Speachless
myyyyndrrrrr 8/2/24 20:42 THIS WEEKLY WAS HELL
Kal 8/2/24 20:43 corundrum greeks but its way worse
m1nu5 8/2/24 20:49 jesus christ
lobster_roll24 8/2/24 20:55 lobster roll ftw LOBSTER ROLL MY BELOVED too ez again gang... 7.4362 min to finish it. quite easy, I just don't want to make you guys feel bad, so I answered it at a later time.
amesomegaming50 8/2/24 21:00 OMG this was hard amazing job by kad for making a masterpiece that is hard. Good job and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for more puzzles to come.
1st 8/2/24 21:45 I'm weak(ly)
Drifter1240 8/2/24 22:27 insanely well designed weekly buttt... the puzzles felt like an 'are you serious' moment instead of an 'ohhhh' moment
zitman 8/2/24 22:40 I think I missed the point and dashed right through this weekly 🥲 Kidding... Instead I was suffering as hell but it didn't prevent it from being the kino masterpiece <3
Shiro 9/2/24 3:44 this is a peak weekly, created from the finest of creators with utmost care and passion
qwerg 9/2/24 8:40 Now can we get an actual OS?
ZaidX2_ 9/2/24 11:07 gg
Dannythecat 10/2/24 2:38 never again
_phimastered_ 10/2/24 9:37 Hellish
silviolin 10/2/24 16:24 COMMENT 🗕🗗🗙 IN A WORLD OF THIS VIRTUAL SYSTEM... THERE WAS PAIN AND HOPE. <3 - GRUMPY TACH [ありがとう] [さようなら]
Lenz 10/2/24 16:54 To everybody saying this is hell, u cring... like just team or some shit, eat a banana maybe, get some rest, sleep it off champ. Puzzle was... big... bigger than expected, I count one, two, three, four, five, six puzzles? Now that's an amount I like to see. Very hard, very pretty, very elegant, very 2010s Tumblr era 💅 Felt right at home, the flourishing incandescent light radiating from my screen into my optical apparatus. A delight for the senses. The background, my oh my, but the puzzles that were ensconced inside these backgrounds, they made me weep. I was transported, at that moment, to a different time, a simpler time, where little flickering emanations of pixels on the teleprompter made me cry like a tall child. *clearing throat* All in all. A biiiiig Enitchi moment AM I RIGHT GUYS??? FELLAS"!
zentrifying 11/2/24 0:16 yo gang. first weekly where i soloed hintless, and i started late too. jus wanna say, yall can hate on me all u want, but all the hates dont compare to me. yall can say i got a big ego for sayin that, cry bout it. zen ontop (thanks to the haters, kal minus drifter qwerg supers iforgor, yall cool for slandering me) Yeah dont think im soloing another weekly unless i get challenged to do it solo + hintless in a time crunch, but ngl that was fun. i locked in. dont think anyone would care but i blasted through corundrum, being ahead of or being on pace against lollipopwut+a4. yeah that's my skill when im trying and when im motivated by the haters. kal youre especially real for slandering me to a bunch of random people, youre quite obsessed which is unhealthy so i think you should maybe stop IDK.
Zephran 11/2/24 12:28 all hail to the thief all hail to the thief
molliinthe80s 11/2/24 12:32 HELL :thousand_yard_stare:
Loz 11/2/24 12:40 Awful hints. Very complex. Please don't make me look at something like this ever again.
Picklemaniac 11/2/24 16:08 Extremely well-made weekly. Love to see the high production value in these, and I can tell a lot of work went into making it. It's creative, aesthetically pleasing, and lots of fun. That said, my main feedback is that this puzzle, just like week 1, is far too long for a weekly. Something like the Worlde+, the clock & background, or the RiddleEdtior could all have been standalone weeklies, i.m.o. The puzzles were still good, though. My favorites were the music player level and the clock & background level :)
timothydoesstuff 11/2/24 16:28 :( Your OS ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you. 0% complete For more information about this issue and possible fixes, visit
+rnightshroud 11/2/24 17:12 RIP to all of eni-tchi that died before me. I'm so sorry...
StalledStorm775 12/2/24 20:21 This took a while to write haha
avatar avatar
umsyt 11/2/24 21:17 hgkveubhiesrjkdfvbhjkewifvbhsejberhdvbjkernjdfh vkbjekdsvh wekbjkfnvcdsghkbjnewjbfh vkebr8f9chru3e89tu3498tu3487ogh8734htg7834h87f3487hf 9834h8g9h3489u98vu3489uf9834ut8943u89ujv4v 8389vj349g903490g yeah those are my thoughts
markus 12/2/24 1:29 Gazillion dollar jackpot
_phimastered_ 12/2/24 15:19 waffles
kad 12/2/24 19:27 everything twas good until KNIGHTMARE AND KTCNE ‼️
Ronald_D_D 13/2/24 6:43 I had to try and shortcut the step.
LollipopWut 13/2/24 9:13 this was certainly something
m1nu5 13/2/24 9:17 i don’t got shit to say 💀
qwerg 13/2/24 11:36 50k dollar weekly
Drifter1240 13/2/24 14:22 i literally have nothing to say this was the weekly of all time
Kal 13/2/24 22:10 forgot to post a comment but yeah overall it was good thumbs_up
Zephran 14/2/24 9:12 i cant do this alone
myyyyndrrrrr 14/2/24 16:04 tyte
silviolin 14/2/24 16:44 GRRRRRRRR... Your bunny tricks worked. 🐰
molliinthe80s 17/2/24 8:23 I would like to m
zentrifying 17/2/24 21:32 i surely love being ahead of everyone at free 2 when the weekly started and i end up procastinating, then everyone is ahead of me and i end up solving less than 2 days before the deadline
timothydoesstuff 18/2/24 11:02 awesomesauce (but to be honest the weekly was quite plain as beans on toast)
1st 18/2/24 18:41 Hey, I know that guy!
amesomegaming50 18/2/24 18:58 E
Dannythecat 21/2/24 15:44 alright i guess
Shiro 15/2/24 16:05 wow I can comment before release? holy shit goated weekly btw, it's so difficult but I couldn't get myself to hate it because I love it so much
Ronald_D_D 21/2/24 11:49 *I am going to comment after this weekly gets their first batch of solvers. *Waits. *Waits. *Waits. *Ok finally people have solved. *That took a while. *It's Rafa + Catz. *I've changed my mind, I'm going to comment now just so I don't forget to comment later. I agree with the wall of text on level 1.
MishuAnubis_ 21/2/24 15:52 kill me now pls
LollipopWut 21/2/24 15:59 and I thought enigmatOS was the end of the pain... oh how wrong I was nevertheless, this is by far one of the hardest, cleverest and creative weeklies of the season so far
kad 21/2/24 16:24 SCHIZO WEEKLY‼‼💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
infiniteXforever 22/2/24 11:18 The most amazing puzzles ever! It was really painful but I had so much fun, and it was worth sacrificing my sleep time :)
Marco 24/2/24 7:40 Can i send a difficulty 6
myyyyndrrrrr 24/2/24 15:17 HARDER THAN ENIGMATICOS
m1nu5 24/2/24 15:27 flash’s part in limbo
qwerg 24/2/24 15:34 bro overcooked 💀💀💀💀 cool weekly tho
lobster_roll24 24/2/24 15:42 Honestly, another easy one. Y'all are wildin. EZ!!! lobster roll my beloved
amesomegaming50 24/2/24 15:43 not giving up, being hopeful, and always looking for the best option no matter how impossible it may seem.
ZaidX2_ 24/2/24 15:56 GG
Kal 24/2/24 16:02 wow, just wow
Drifter1240 24/2/24 17:24 ridiculously hard... but i still found a way to appreciate it. 10/10 umsyt PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE YOUR NEXT WEEKLY EASIER I WILL DO ANYTHING
Zephran 25/2/24 7:45 such a pretty house such a pretty garden
Dannythecat 25/2/24 14:13 owlbot, or whoever's in charge of this website, can we raise the difficulty rating cap? my idea is to up to about 17, because that is my actual rating of this weekly, 17/5, some parts are cool but i really wish the following 3* weeklies aren't this hard or i'll literally crumble *: given if surprise week 11+ doesn't exist
timothydoesstuff 25/2/24 14:26 this felt like walking through an burning mental asylum
1st 25/2/24 15:11 What even was that.
silviolin 25/2/24 18:43 What is this weekly bro... ☾⋆⁺₊⋆ .⭒˚ This weekly is gave me... an aneurysm X-X ⭒ .⭒˚ ⭒˚ ⭒ .˚
zentrifying 25/2/24 18:45 PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN
Picklemaniac 25/2/24 20:12 Umsyt what the fuck
Soundtracks for the Blind BY KUKKELIS
umsyt 25/2/24 20:08 ⠅⠊⠝⠕⠀⠕⠝⠀⠞⠕⠏⠀⠕⠋⠀⠅⠊⠝⠕⠨
Ronald_D_D 25/2/24 21:24 The XOR faced guy sits there... judging you.
LollipopWut 26/2/24 8:18 this was fun :)
ZaidX2_ 26/2/24 12:28 Gg
qwerg 26/2/24 12:39 Oh no, look out, red-hot poker in the eyes!
Zephran 26/2/24 13:21 and i hope
myyyyndrrrrr 26/2/24 13:29 nice puzzle
lobster_roll24 26/2/24 13:30 Unbelievably EZ. I carry.
m1nu5 26/2/24 15:49 ?
zentrifying 26/2/24 19:34 nutrimatic (me and matteoka are the goats)
Kal 27/2/24 2:43 i cant see this comment
Shiro 27/2/24 6:44 another kuk banger
Loz 27/2/24 20:39 I spent today trying to solve the solution. Didn't realise that was it. 🤦‍♂️
1st 27/2/24 23:39 took us way too long but here we are
Dannythecat 28/2/24 1:13 i like this
timothydoesstuff 1/3/24 13:25 the dark side of the moon
silviolin 2/3/24 11:24 ⠺⠓⠑⠺⠠⠀⠞⠓⠁⠞⠀⠺⠁⠎⠀⠝⠊⠉⠑⠀⠞⠃⠓⠀⠗⠑⠇⠁⠞⠊⠧⠑⠀⠞⠕⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠥⠍⠎⠽⠞⠀⠺⠑⠑⠅⠇⠽!
Picklemaniac 2/3/24 11:51 Best weekly soundtrack so far
Thick 2/3/24 21:35
The Database BY DRIFTER1240

> <

WEEK 9 • vetted by ShiroRafaCatz




ERRATA: Changed one line from yellow to orange in segmentfour at the alternative domain.

Alternative Domain

1st 4/3/24 0:51 There it is! The 100th weekly!
umsyt 4/3/24 1:25 .
Ronald_D_D 4/3/24 10:58 I guess I know why we no longer use RC4.
myyyyndrrrrr 4/3/24 12:54 hi drifter
Kal 4/3/24 13:12 cool
m1nu5 4/3/24 17:51 Hi drifter
kad 4/3/24 18:42 walrus blubber
lobster_roll24 4/3/24 18:58 lobster roll my beloved
JustMe 6/3/24 4:33 weekly has grid 10/10
alsb 7/3/24 0:11 who hurt you
Zephran 7/3/24 10:54 the fish are belly up
silviolin 7/3/24 13:04 Wow, that was amazing relief over week 9! Thanks Drifter <3
LollipopWut 7/3/24 16:30 that happened
qwerg 8/3/24 11:43 did you know this is 111th weekly ever? also hi drifter
Picklemaniac 9/3/24 19:44 ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD?!?!?!
timothydoesstuff 9/3/24 23:36 password unlocked
Shiro 13/3/24 0:01 solid stuff keep it up
Daily Dare BY WEAVER
Catz 10/3/24 20:33 perfection.
kad 10/3/24 21:57 satisfying 🤤
plurmorant 10/3/24 22:05 it's getting Paquerette up in here
ZaidX2_ 10/3/24 22:28 AMAZING
m1nu5 10/3/24 22:28 ez
Kal 10/3/24 22:28 amazing :party:
umsyt 10/3/24 23:15 is this what stephens sausage roll feels like
Ronald_D_D 11/3/24 9:33 I give this a 5 difficulty only because Sokoban is Sokoban. Great quality ending to this season.
silviolin 11/3/24 11:12 Amazing week of a masterpiece, love it.
qwerg 11/3/24 12:31 game
Zephran 11/3/24 12:54 obrigado obrigado obrigado obrigado obrigado obrigado
myyyyndrrrrr 11/3/24 13:06 hi
Dannythecat 11/3/24 16:18 pretty fun
zentrifying 11/3/24 19:02 10/10 weeklies solved :) teammates: matteoka, aqua, logical
Shiro 12/3/24 19:03 simply a banger
lobster_roll24 14/3/24 20:10 lobster roll my beloved